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Bluefin: S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Homecoming Tamashii Option Act Wall Promo Pics

Bluefin announced this week that they would be importing the S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Homecoming figure to other parts of the world and that it would include a Tamashii Option Act Wall but no picture was included. Now that wall is revealed and it’s…okay.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the look of it and it does add some value to the set, but is it worth another $40?

To tell the truth, it’s actually bulkier and more elaborate than I was expecting. It actually turns a corner and the brick pattern looks good. If I were to get this I would hope the Spider-Man logo/light is removable. It looks like it is but it might leave a peg behind.

Then again, the stand part doesn’t leave a hole so it’s probably the bricks themselves that are swappable. The logo peg brick does look inset from the rest of the wall. Hmm, that’s a little more tempting.

It also looks like the wall itself has several display options. Short wall, corner wall, taller wall. Wait, Option Act? Ohhhhhhhh….

And then the corner piece up top is a cap with a platform, it looks like. Spidey does look great perched upon it. I wish they showed a back view though. Of the corner, not Spidey. We’ve already seen that.

I might have accidentally talked myself into this over the course of writing the article but the price is still a bit of a sting. You can pre-order it on BBTS right now for an October release date.

11 thoughts on “Bluefin: S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Homecoming Tamashii Option Act Wall Promo Pics

  1. Oh, so “Worth $40” as in “$40 in addition to the price.” Because if the whole thing cost $40, that would be a bargain.

  2. Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. Getting both Spideys, but couldn’t justify the extra $40 when I just started making my own dioramas anyway.

  3. Similar to how DCC could not compete with Mattel and was forced to raise the prices of the DCC films line to $50. I wonder if part of the deal to sell these figures, the price must be above $80?

  4. I can only guess it is, the Dr. Strange with flame effects made it up there.

  5. Man; I love it that Bluefin is making the Figuarts figures more readily available, but I’m going to pass on this set. I already have the standard version on preorder (as well as the MAFEX). The display wall is cool, just not $40 cool.

  6. This guy looks awesome, and I love the wall! If the wall was a piece we could could buy separate like the effects I’d be all over it…but with revoltech, mezco and their 3 versions of spidey…Marvel legends pizza spidey, ultimate spidey, and the Mary Jane two pack….I just can’t justify this guy…

  7. The hope is to have the Chinese factory churn out a bunch of these at low prices. I mean… it’s a piece of plastic, not worth more than 5 dollars. And it’s a Spidey figure, so there’s a high chance there’ll be bootlegs floating around everywhere.

    I’m all for supporting the companies, but this is just no.

    This might be a first in a customizable, low-cost option (heh) for collectors to build their own brick-wall/building backdrop displays.

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