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Bandai: Star Wars General Grievous Model Kit Promo Pics and Info

Dreams do come true, my friends. Bandai just announced General Grievous for their Star Wars model kit line. And I couldn’t be happier.

And there are several reasons for my happiness, besides getting to add a new Star Wars figure to my 1/12 scale display.

One, the model kit figure line is continuing. It’s been a while since a new figure, as in an all-new kit, has been announced. I was afraid the Battle Droid reissue and the hologram Darth Vader was signaling the demise of one of my favorite lines.

Two, it’s Grievous. In the model kit line. Sure, we’ve seen teases in the S.H. Figuarts line but I was hoping for a model because they are bigger. That’s it. Sure, the detailing will have to be painted and it may feel just slightly more flimsy than an actual action figure, but the good General will end up more imposing on the shelf after being put together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still hoping for an SHF, but I’m downright giddy at the thought of building Grievous.

The cape looks to be a cloth material, like the cheesecloth we’ve seen in past kits, but there are folds and waves to it. Not quite sure what is going on there. But just look at all of the mech detail…

Just add the coughing and the wheezing and this looks great. Like I said, some extra work on our part will be needed to make it accurate. But that’s the basic premise of model kits so I’m completely good with that. Except for finding the time.

If the Battle Droid model is any kind of indication, Grievous will be packed with articulation. And that’s a good thing. I need mine doing all kinds of crazy poses.

The kit simulates the arm split feature by providing two sets of arms along with four lightsabers.

General Grievous releases in July and will run about $45. If you can find a place to order it, that is. I talked to Bluefin at Star Wars Celebration and they said that the blocking of sales of the figure kits to outside territories is all on Disney. If they hear that there is a need for these, they’ll break. Believe me, there is a need, Disney. A real need.