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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Dark Knight Joker Tease

Tamashii Nations has posted some teaser shots of their S.H. Figuarts Dark Knight Joker and while I want to like this figure, I mean, really REALLY like this figure, I just can’t.

Only three pictures have been posted with no info but Bandai went this same route with Batman. A couple of teasers followed closely by the full promotional package and pre-orders. And while Batman caught my eye hard, Joker isn’t having the same effect.

Which sucks because this is probably my favorite iteration of the Joker on the big screen. Oh, and since I like the look of Batman I gotta get this either way, right? He’ll probably be a little short to use with any other Joker, gotta match Figuarts with Figuarts for stuff like this, where there will more than likely only be a couple of releases.

But there is just something completely off about the face. Is it the sculpt? Is it that paint? The black around the eyes is definitely just too charcoal but the texture of the skin is also throwing me off. And the overall shape of the head. It looks cartoonish. I’m not used to the with Figuarts.

The two pics almost look like different heads but that may be a trick of the lighting. The figure has interchangeable hands, playing cards, and a machine gun. The only other bit of info is that it releases in September. More coming soon.

16 thoughts on “Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Dark Knight Joker Tease

  1. Well, the scale seems equivalent to my DC Collectibles figures, which is what I wanted anyway. I don’t like Figuarts because all of their releases stand about half a head too small alongside the rest of my collection. Give me 6″-7″ or give me bust. (grin)
    You’re right re: appearance. NECA Joker is best. I’m looking forward to pairing him with the upcoming Batman Begins figure from MAFEX.

  2. I don’t think it’s just the face. On the displays I looked at, Joker’s hair is barely looking green, sometimes not at all. I mean, all in all it’s okay but is not the benchmark here.

  3. The NECA one is easily the best likeness so far, but he’s too big for 1:12 and his articulation is stiff and limited. But visually it’s just fantastic.

  4. I think they screwed up on the face sculpt. I just did a quick image search and this looks more like somebody cosplaying as Ledger’s Joker.

  5. Personally, I really like the face. I can’t wait for this one. However, for those of you who are unsure about it, I think it’s worth remembering that Figuarts heads have always looked far better in hand than in the first promo images.

  6. The face is the culprit here, but not sure what about the face is the issue . . . I think it might be a mix of a soft likeness and a very non Dark Knight Joker-like expression.

  7. IDK… looks cool, but doesn’t capture the look from ROTJ and ANH S.H.F. Lukes, I mean, not even Han looks that good like those Lukes

  8. Looks okay. Doesn’t really pop as an amazing figure. Not sure if that’s because of the character design or subtle shortcomings of the figure itself.

  9. I don’t really mind this figure too much. I’m really looking for the definitive Ledger Joker in 1/12 scale. So far none of them that exist have caught my eye and looked perfect! I ended up resorting to making a “custom” Joker figure from the Mattel movie masters figures. I took the body from the standard Joker figure and then the head from the Toys R Us exclusive version and just popped that on the body.
    As of now it’s the only version of Ledger’s Joker that I’m proud to have on my shelf. But of course the articulation is garbage!
    So I don’t know. I’ll probably pick this one up just to go with my Figuarts Batman I have on preorder. And from these pictures it looks like the best figure of this joker in this scale. To me at least…

  10. It looks… lazy. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it.

  11. What a pity… I love Figuarts and their head sculpts are usually amazing, but there’s definitely something off with this one. Hopefully Bandai will address the issue before the release of the final product.

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