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Hasbro: X-Men Legends Wolverine (Old Man Logan) Video and Quick Pics

I didn’t even know I needed an Old Man Logan until I got it.

Don’t get me wrong, I saw him on the shelf when I picked up the rest of the X-Men Legends Warlock wave at Target a month or so ago but he was the lowest priority. I was getting Cyclops and Sunfire and Dazzler, oh my! That much money being spent, I left Wolverine behind to be bought later, if I was really needing a plastic fix. By the time I got home I was regretting the decision so a quick trip back revealed nothing but empty peg. So I thought meh, resigning myself to fate and deciding that I won’t go out of my way to find him but if I do, I’ll grab him. Yup, no biggie.

Until I found him again.

It’s not so much the fact that it’s Old Man Logan from the comics because I know absolutely nothing about the character. My finding the figure did happen to fall the day after I saw Logan so that helped, but the thing here is that it throws me back to the days when the X-Men comics would show members on their off days. When they weren’t suited up and saving the world. The times when they’re just playing baseball or coming home from a long night of drinking. And I’ve always had a soft spot for civilian duds Logan. Especially the cowboy hat.

And I guess if I had a major gripe with this figure it would be the lack of a younger, more classic Logan head with cowboy hat. Or just another Logan head in general. Or….any accessories at all. No extras, no Build-a-Figure piece, nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, I know this is a great Old Man Logan and I realize it’s a completely new sculpt, but that extra head would have put it over the top and would have appeased both modern era and classic collectors. Which, now that I think about it, the only reuse this figure could see is another civilian Logan release. Is Hasbro holding off to release one later? Two pack? Either way, I hope it’s a cowboy hat head because it can be used on any Wolverine body.

Because Wolverine gives zero…






26 thoughts on “Hasbro: X-Men Legends Wolverine (Old Man Logan) Video and Quick Pics

  1. When he came back to life after being blown up by Nitro while hundreds of feet under water and without oxygen using only the remaining cells that weren’t destroyed within his bone marrow is what I was thinking of.

  2. Oh yeah… I am a casual ML, collector. So I just buy characters I am interested in. Can’t say I ever had a ToyBiz ML break on me… I did however got a whole bunch super loose figures… Those hands with the individual fingers were terrible along with the body proportions…

    I guess my ToyBiz nostalgia is more for the overall product they produced… I with Hasbro would do “Skirts and Capes” like ToyBiz did with the LOTR lines… You know, soft rubber… Also with they did the soft rubber on long hair.

  3. I’m with you on the paint, but Hasbro plastic is (usually) leaps and bounds better than a lot of the ToyBiz figures. I’ve never once had a Hasbro ML break, no mater how much I mess with it, whereas about 1 in 10 of my ToyBiz figures would snap one of their limbs or ankles within minutes of opening them.

    If they would just spend more money on deco I think Hasbro would surpass the best of the ToyBiz ML, but that will never happen.

  4. Agreed. Fighting a fight you know you can win isn’t all that badass. I think that’s something most modern writers don’t understand about him. One of the things I liked about gambit. He was sparring with wolverine and knew wolverine would eventually win. So he cheated. Awesome

    That single cell revive was Because of magic, wasn’t it? I think that was the thing that led to his horrible reviving from just a skeleton issue during Civil War. The writer didn’t realize that.

  5. Yeah…. I am sounding like a broken record… I miss the ToyBiz days when almost all the figures were treated to some sort of wash application…
    It’s also the type of plastic they use… I love the Ninja and Stealth Wolverine from the last stand alone X-Men Wave released by ToyBiz, they were not “Shiny”. Even the Storm figure had a Matte Finish with blue highlights… Such a shame those days are long gone… And with these prices… I just can’t… Or wait for the price to drop on Amazon…

  6. Did he ever revive from a single cell anywhere but X-Men Annual #11? I don’t remember any other instance but I haven’t read a lot of modern comics so I’m curious.

    And isn’t he just as badass because he stood up to Juggernaut like that, even knowing that he can’t beat him?

  7. I don’t think it’s so much the sculpt as it is the paint, as usual. The eyes are painted a little too large, no extra detail to bring out the sculpt, the shininess of the plastic. That all contributes to it looking cartoony.

  8. Most people look at that picture with Juggernaut and think that’s an example of how bad-ass wolverine is.
    But in the story that goes with that image Cain makes it clear to Logan that he can’t beat him, and Logan tells him “I know”.

    Wolverine was made too powerful, he was so much better when he wasn’t an immortal being capable of adapting to anything, could revive from a single cell and was no longer even a mutant, but another type of being that adapted alongside the the mutant race.

  9. I’ve been running into these on my local Target… Though the quality of the figure is really good… I feel the sculpt leans towards the cartoony side… With they would had made him more “realistic”

  10. I was in the same boat until I found two at a local Walgreen’s. Give those a shot and good luck!

  11. I have no interest in this figure at all since he does me no good without a young head. Just say no to Grandpa Wolverine.

  12. Well, this isn’t “incorrect” or “less correct”, it’s just a different costume for OML. It’s what he’s wearing right now that he’s been brought into Earth-616 after Secret Wars.

  13. I forgot all about that hat! It looks a little big on him, but the hat is now earmarked for another project I’ve had in mind for about 15 years. Hopefully I’ll be done with it in the next 15 years.

  14. I agree about the cowboy hat. As soon as you mentioned the cowboy hat I said to myself “Self, he definitely needs a cowboy hat.” Maybe we’ll get one with a more correct Old Man Logan version with a long trenchcoat.

  15. Them Tojos came at me faster than I could gut ’em, so I had to gut ’em faster.

  16. Hahaha, I hear ya. I think the only Cowboy hat I have in this scale is the NECA Lone Ranger figure’s hat, and just by looking at this Logan’s beefy head, I don’t think that hat will fit. Maybe the Playmates Dick Tracy hat will work, certainly big enough.

  17. Yeah, the toy shine is most apparent on this one most out of the set, I guess because it’s the most “real world” looking character. Definitely needs a shot of Dullcote.

    And a cowboy hat.

    I can’t drop it.

  18. Still trying to find this for an affordable price online, haven’t yet. Pretty solid sculpt and paint deco, I am hoping to eventually find 2 because I wanna trying hitting one with some Tamiya Flat Clear to take the shine off the figure to make it look even better. Took like 5 months until I finally got my hands on the latest Marvel Legends Deadpool so I might be waiting a bit for this one.

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