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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Hit-Monkey Series Protector

Noh-Varr took the mantle of “Protector” during his time with the Avengers. Most of us know Noh-Varr as Marvel Boy, the very angry young Kree who crashed on a parallel Earth and then wreaked havoc on it. Recently he’s been in the Young Avengers as himself (?).

Noh-Varr’s been Marvel Boy, Captain Marvel, Protector, himself. Spinning out of a fantastic story from Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones, the character’s never really anchored well in the “616,” probably due to the large number of Captain Mar-Vell-related Kree that exist in the universe. But, I’d love to see him get some new footing along with the Young Avengers as it is time to develop some of these characters and time to let some of the tired characters retire. Noh-Varr, despite 17 years of existence, is a relatively green character that has a lot of potential.

The Protector figure that appeared in the Hit-Monkey series is representative of his look in the comics at the time of release. Post Dark Avengers when he played Captain Marvel, Noh-Varr took the role of Protector. The figure uses the Hasbro Bullseye sculpt (differs from ToyBiz’s) and has some updated parts. The shins and feet are new, new hands, and head, a belt and chest thingy. At the time this was the best sculpt for Noh-Varr who has never been drawn as super huge. He’s got the Spider-Man build and this figure base figure works perfectly.

I love the head sculpt for this figure, and part of me wants to slap this figure on an updated Pizza Spidey body (in all white) and give him an update. Granted, the hands will have to be swapped out, probably with A.I.M. hands since these hands are horrible. They barely hold the guns and they are set at a really weird angle, making it nearly impossible to pose him shooting properly.

Protector comes with two guns. That’s it. Not much to work with. He’d be great with an alternate unmasked head, but I get it, at the time in the comics Noh-Varr was laying low after betraying the Dark Avengers.

You don’t “need” this figure for your collection. It’s a good solid figure, but the base figure is dated and the costume was kind of a one-hit wonder. If he were sporting his current “Marvel Boy” looks or the classic Marvel Boy costume, I’d be telling you to get the figure as it would be perfect for your Young Avengers shelf. If you want him, get him here:

7 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Hit-Monkey Series Protector

  1. It’s the lesser known characters that make a line great.
    If Habro, or ToyBiz fail with Spider-Man then they always have another chance.
    Every company has a Spider-Man figure, or an Iron Man or a Wolverine. It’s when you have Modok’s and Zatanna’s that the line gets depth and range.

    It’s when a display can be cultivated and really reflect the tastes of the collector.

    I love figures like this, they give life to a hobby.

  2. Yeah bad figure of a decent costume that didn’t last long. The character always interested me, but no one seems to get him since his original mini series. Like you said he was angry, bendis wrote him as strangely naive to the point he was almost dumb, and in young avengers he was just super-cool and together. No two interpretations matched well

  3. Oh Lord. I hate everything about this disaster of a figure, and this deeply lame look for a mediocre character, and I’m not entirely sure why you would remind us of it. It truly sucks.

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