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Extreme Sets: Deranged Alley and Abandoned House Pop-Ups

I promised we would have more Extreme Sets to feature, and the functionality and detail of these is matched only by the diversity of the subject matter.

If you did not catch our previous features, you can check out the Classic Wrestling sets HERE, and the Sewer and Subway pop-ups HERE. Even though most of my collection is currently packed away, these sets have given new life to my photo set-ups, and I am very much looking forward to featuring them more as the backdrops for future reviews. However, I want to continue to focus on the sets themselves a subject matter because there really is something for everyone, and just about any collection.

If find the sewer and subway to be fairly accessible and a lot of different subjects can be dropped into these environments. The new Abandoned House really fits a horror collection, and the Deranged Alley is awaiting a full-blown brawl between gritty superheroes and crazed psychopaths. That is not to say that you can get a lot of different subjects to feel right at home with these, but both of them are definitely high on the creepy factor, so if your shelves are lined with figures of that ilk, these will definitely be for you.

Both of these sets follow the construction pattern of the Sewer set in that you get six different walls, as well as some free-standing pieces. Also as before, the construction is very sturdy, and the art is quite detailed, but not overbearing. The Abandoned House features a bookcase piece and rundown walls with dilapidated windows and door frames. You can pick up on the eeriness of the design right away, but the dank and decay prevails as well.

The Deranged Alley on the other hand, while still retaining a lot of realism, is like a comic panel come to life. This isn’t some plain old alley, no, this is one where perhaps the Joker has run amok with spray cans and explosives. I realize that for some, this might make it a bit over the top if you are looking for a basic (not a deranged) alley, but you can definitely light a photograph to done down the “deranged” details. Personally, I love the amped up quality, and I will be hard-pressed to take a Batman or Daredevil picture without dropping them into this space.

While the subway remains my favorite set (thus far), I am really digging these two environments, and especially the Deranged Alley. Like before, you can order these directly from Extreme Sets HERE and HERE. Or, if you want to add them to your Pile of Loot, BBTS has them available as well.

Don’t go too far, though – we still have more of these to look at, and trust me, we are about to blow the variety wide open because the next two are truly out of this world. Trust me.

3 thoughts on “Extreme Sets: Deranged Alley and Abandoned House Pop-Ups

  1. I was thinking the same thing. The creepy elk/buck/whatever trophy head will look awesome on one of the walls!

  2. Man, I am really gonna need to get that Abandoned House set for all my NECA Evil Dead figures. I’ve been getting a lot of good use out of the Deranged Alley set, but it’s time to get another one. I’m on the fence about getting Abandoned House or Subway, I think I may need to get the subway set.

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