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Marvel Legends Onslaught and Absorbing Man Series on eBay

Hasbro Marvel Legends Onslaught Series featured

It’s that time again, upcoming Marvel Legends figures are making their way to overseas sellers on eBay!

I took the liberty of borrowing images from this seller’s auction to show off how these are gonna look. Is it just me or does Cap bear a similar resemblance to Divine? Those eyebrows man. For the most part I am loving the figures, some of the Onslaught Series figures seem to have rather large heads, it might be the seller’s picture taking, or it might just be that Hasbro likes big heads. Until I get a boxed set on my desk, I’ll reserve final judgement. Remember Absorbing Man Series is for pre-order on BigBadToyStore. Look on for pictures:

Onslaught Series

Absorbing Man Series