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Kaiyodo: Revo Movie 002 Ultron

Kaiyodo Revo Movie 002 Avengers Ultron Featured

After the Back to the Future DeLorean, the next release in the Revo Movie line is Ultron. There seems to be a silver theme going on.

I’m not a huge fan of the Revoltech joint system but I can appreciate the movement it gives and the fact that other people do like it. But I can admit Ultron looks great here. The design itself helps blend and hide the various articulation points and that crunch pose below is downright amazing. But be warned, this is in the slightly smaller Revoltech scale, clocking in at about 6.6 inches.

Kaiyodo Revo Movie 002 Avengers Ultron 7

He comes with alternate hands, a flight stand, and an energy effect for the left hand.

Kaiyodo Revo Movie 002 Avengers Ultron 12

And then my favorite thing ever, moving eyes. And these work really well for Ultron since he has those freaky robot eyes.

Revo Movie 002 Ultron is expected to drop December 2015 and will set you back about $50.