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First Gokin: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NT-03 Shredder

First Gokin Shredder Featured

It looks like First Gokin may be skipping the Krang Walker and going straight to the meat and potatoes. Everyone ready for a third party Shredder?

Lunar Toys, an online toy store for imports and third party products, posted this image on their Facebook page today. We saw the silhouette for Shredder a few months ago but if this image is genuine, the actual figure will look even more awesome than expected. I know this is a digital render but it gives us a pretty good idea.

First Gokin Shredder

Shredder will come with a rack to hold his helmet and a set of stylized Turtle weapons. Does this mean that we may see Turtles from First Gokin in the future, or are these just for other figures we already have? It does say “current turtles.” And if that side by side shot with Krang is actual size then Shredder may be around 8.5 to 9 inches since Krang is 10.5 inches.

Can’t wait to see more.