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SDCC 2015: Star Wars Last Looks

SDCC 2015 Rebels_headlineHasbro did sneak a couple additional figures into their Rebels display last Saturday. I’m not sure sneak is the right word, however, for there was a man dressed as the Rebels version of Clone Wars Captain Rex present when they added the figure. I grabbed some pics of those and a couple more shots of the Black Series figures and massive The Force Awakens diorama.

Along with the Rebels versions of Ahsoka and Vader, Hasbro showed off figures of the older version of Captain Rex from Rebels and a brand new Inquisitor character. We’ve seen three inquisitors so far in Rebels and hopefully these guys get names soon. The big Inquisitor has an interesting hat that recalls ancient Japanese hats. Japanese influences are a good fit with the Jedi of Star Wars. Rex’s redesign as an older, bearded, almost Santa Clause like figure feels right to me and I’m looking forward to the figure and the character’s appearance in the show.

There seemed to be a real dearth of 4 inch scale figures this year. I imagine it’s due to confidentiality concerns and there will be tons of 4 inch scale The Force Awakens figures in stores by September.

The reveal of Kanan Jarrus in the black series was probably my favorite reveal of the show. He’s my favorite character in my new favorite Star Wars thing and now he and Sabine and Ahsoka are being made in my favorite figure style. Honestly, if I didn’t know better, I’d think they made these calls just for me. I hope the green of the armor is slightly brighter in production, though. It looks a little dark here.

I had to go back and try and take some more pictures of this astonishing diorama. The lighting and details are all so great and I really want some hallways lit by those cool Imperial illumination panels for my own troops (see below).

SDCC 2015 Star Wars Diorama_02