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JimPansen Creations: Aztecutl Custom Kit

Aztecutl_01JimPansen Creations makes some great plug-and-play custom kits that can transform existing Masters of the Universe Classics figures into new characters. His latest creation is a snake-themed evil priest he calls “Aztecutl” and is designed to transform Nepthu into a new villain. JimPansen Creations was nice enough to send along a sample of a painted Aztecutl kit, so let’s take a closer look!

Aztecutl_12What You Get

The kit includes a new head sculpt, a wicked-looking sword, and a heart(!) that is designed to be held in Nepthu’s open hand.

Aztecutl_02The head has an awesome Jaguar skeleton headdress with nice detail.

Aztecutl_03Aztecutl has a severe look and a unique profile that fits the sculpting style of the early MOTU line quite nicely. I especially like the inclusion of feathers on the headdress.

It solidifies the Aztec influence on the design.

The sword, which I initially mistook for a club, looks extremely deadly in its thickness and sharp metal ridges. There is also some impressive design work that gives the weapon a more realistic feel. The sword is actually based on an Aztec machuahuitl, which is a wooden plank with obsidian stones attached to the sides.

Aztecutl_13The heart is… well, a nicely sculpted heart that fits well in the Nepthu hand. It has indents sculpted so that it attaches easily in Nepthu’s hand.

Aztecutl_14It’s pretty gross, which I love.

Aztecutl_15I get the Mola-Ram vibe from this guy for sure, and that’s not a bad thing in my book.

Aztecutl_16The sword also has a bit of a snake theme to it at the hilt, which, for me, brought to mind Conan the Barbarian as this guy could be a snake-cultist of some kind.

Aztecutl_17The sculpt looks great and the paint has layers that bring out the great sculpt work. I especially like the fiery red eyes and gross gloss red of the heart.

Aztecutl_18The pieces plug in nicely to the existing figure easily without requiring any sort of custom skills at all, though I almost want to paint a bunch of blood red on his open hand to go with the heart.

Aztecutl_19This is a great kit and fits right in with the MOTUC aesthetic. Hit up JimPansen Creations on Facebook for ordering information.

Aztecutl_20 Aztecutl_21 Aztecutl_22 Aztecutl_23 Aztecutl_24 Aztecutl_25 Aztecutl_26 Aztecutl_27 Aztecutl_28