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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury featured

Nick Fury is the final figure from the ToysRUs exclusive Agents of Shield 3-Pack featuring Maria Hill, Phil Coulson and Nick Fury. All three characters feature their Marvel Cinematic looks, meaning they take after the actors and not the comic character. In other words, you are getting a sweet Samuel L. Jackson head sculpt in Marvel Legends.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury 3

This isn’t Jackson’s first foray into action figure immortality, he was released in the earlier Avengers Marvel Legends series and he’s been released as a McToys Shaft.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury 8

There is still some controversy over Jackson being Nick Fury. Its one of those weird comic changes come to life in movie come to life in comics. In the Ultimate Universe comics, Bryan Hitch and Mark Millar based their Nick Fury off Jackson, that is to say in this new parallel universe the Nick Fury we all know from the “main”, “616” Marvel Comics timeline never existed. But the use of “Jackson” caught on like wildfire and was used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it worked! It worked so well that the Jackson Fury was also brought into the 616 universe. And that’s where the controversy exists, in the the “this isn’t the Nick Fury I grew up with” argument. IBentMyManThing covered this in his own special way eons ago and you can read more about here.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury 4

The figure isn’t new, RoboKillah already covered the base in the Captain America Marvel Legends Infinite Heavy Hitters article and I took some pics a long time ago of Winter Soldier which used the same base. At one time I loved this base when it was released on Punisher in the Nemesis Series and IBentMyManThing spoke of it in the Epic Heroes Series. It’s a fine base figure but it’s showing it’s age, it no longer holds a candle to the new younger Marvel Legends sculpts.

The articulation is excellent, but the jacket inhibits movement at the armpits and the ball hips are tucked into the hips and the thighs so tightly that they really don’t allow for much movement. Also this figure has no rocker ankles, which should be a crime against toy collectors at this point and time in history. Here’s the breakdown:

Hinged ankles
Swivel ankles
Double hinged knees
Swivel thighs
Ball hips
Ball abdomen
Ball shoulders
Swivel biceps
Double hinged elbows
Swivel wrists
Hinged wrists
Hinged neck
Ball head.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury 2

I love the head sculpt and was super excited for this figure as I wanted to make the 616 Nick Fury Jr, however the ball joint on the Stealth Suit Captain America was smaller than the neck ball joint on Fury which means Fury’s head doesn’t really fit on Cap without some modification. I was bummed as I wanted a quick switch.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury 1

Fury comes with 2 guns. He can only hold one at a time as the left hand is Red Skull’s Cosmic Cube holding hand.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury 5

I really don’t recommend this figure, it has a great head sculpt and that’s about it. For those of you wanting a cinematic Nick Fury or a Nick Fury Jr. this this figure comes with perfect head. Otherwise its another one for the fodder bin.

You can still pick this figure up at:

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury 7

Hasbro Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury 6

8 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Nick Fury

  1. Oh, hey. The figure looks pretty awesome to me, Mr.Wolf.
    (This isn’t a particularly good shot being obscured by his shield, I know.)

  2. Your insights are most fascinating,Mr.Wolf.
    However,I would ask that you refrain from “dumping your brain”? My God,man! that’s like dumping your warp core! Your going to need that! Else you will be hobbling around space-time at sublight speeds. 😉
    Ha-ha, LOL etc.
    Thank you for the illuminating and profound thoughts.

    Re:N.F.Jr. – I concur that he feels forced,and he could have been more “organic”.Good writing usually does make up for this.
    I will pick up Secret Avengers on your recommendation.
    I love the everyman that is Phil Coulson, and to see him interact with Jr.sounds intriguing.
    I have not read comics since 05′. I cannot afford everything I want, so I made the choice to collect figures and pickup the occasional trade. I frequently visit my comic shops,and when I noticed Jr’s manifestation,I asked the resident comic/toy expert,”What’s the deal with General Fury in the Commander Rogers getup?”
    He gave me the rundown on Jr, and his mom and his pops.
    My immediate follow-up question was,”Where’s Nick Fury Senior?!(616/Earth Prime)
    “He’s around.”was the reply. Yeah,I know clandestine, super-spy Nick. In the shadows, until needed.(I was so elated that the MCU got that aspect of NF so right) Yet, I’m apprehensive of the switch with a guy who lingers in shadow and whispers, that he may one day never return! One of the myriad of reasons I LOVE playing PlayStation 2 Marvel Alliance is taking missions from Col.Fury.
    (Yes, I’m old man Winkle and time is passing me by) Today everyone and their granny knows Tony Stark. How many know he was originally created in the Vietnam war era and not the wars in Afghanistan?
    Like I stated there should be diversity just not at the cost of deleting the original.

    R.e.–Evolution vs. Revolution
    Smart. Very smart Mr.Wolf.
    SpiderWoman, Maria Hill, Thor, Wonderwoman all superb characters that I support and fall into the subject of needed diversity. Evolution of the ladies. It goes without saying it’s a boys club that is changing with dynamic ladies busting down the doors.
    I’ve been screaming at Warner/Dc for years about the absence of a WW film. Ironic since she is a feminist icon. Oh, sure she’s got merchandise from here to Pluto.Yet,Where is the movie,Hollywood?! Yes,I know it’s imminent. I can be happy with the fact that Black Widow, and Maria Hill are paving the way for Diana. Takes millennia to evolve huh? Thor goddess, Yes! It does! 🙂
    I’ve seen the Mighty Avengers led by Luke Cage and quite enjoy it despite the semi-pseudo controversy of black characters being written by non-black writers.
    The revolution of this team though “evolution” is a refreshing change of pace with comfortable comic hero tropes. Being more of a toy guy, it makes me extremely eager for Marvel Legends of this team.
    I’ve been championing at the bit for years(again?!) for a ML Monica/Spectrum/CM2!
    With Misty Knight imminent I can almost feel Photon’s arrival in my bones.

  3. I decided to drop this reply here even though it doesn’t address everything in your post above, but I need to brain dump.

    RE: Nick Fury Jr.

    I actually like Nick Fury Jr. in the comics. The growing relationship between him and Coulson in Secret Avengers is beautiful. But I do feel the origin is forced, which is my main dislike of the character. I wish there was a more “organic” introduction, but then I’d have to levy that argument to every character created during the ’70s comic industry trademark wars.

    And like those ’70s characters its up to how they are handled post creation. It’s taken Spider-Woman the better part of 3 decades to develop, and I’m guessing Nick Fury Jr as a character will need just as much time, or the right writer to figure what to do with him. Even a new character like Maria Hill needed a good decade (and movie support) to come into her own.

    RE: Your Query

    In regard to your query, the modern Avengers is getting just that overhaul and it seems to be working. I like Falcon Cap and many of the other new versions of the classics. I think the issue for me is rebooting (revolution), rather than evolving. Evolution is the correct way to go and it allows for better organic development. Revolutions are only good when you have a long term plan after the smoke clears and more often than not revolutionaries can’t think past their own desire to force change.

    I think the way that Robinson, Goyer and Johns handled updating the JSA in 1999 was the template for making updates. And while there wasn’t a ton of racial change in the group, there was an organic evolution to the younger characters, which is what needs to happens to create more diversity in comics.

    While many a person slams the new Thor, Aaron has a plan, he’s not just making change to make a change, he’s laid out a whole possible future for Thor where there are revolutions in the character, but most importantly, evolution of the Odinson.

  4. As an artist and a fan I love the Nick Fury character. All forms and variations. I really hope the original 616/Earth Prime Nick is NEVER phased out of existence and supplanted by any other form. All “Nicks” are important. I love how Kirby plugged elements of himself into Nick, Dr.Strange, and Mr.Fantastic. The grey temples and in Nick’s case the cigar chomping! Love it!:-D
    Since superheroes tend to reflect their audience and their creators they tend to look Caucasian. Superman is prime example. Strange visitor from another planet who looks like a White Anglo Saxon Earthman.
    It’s only logical for the period. It was the American 30’s Depression era when Kal-El was invented thus,decades before 1960’s Civil Rights movements-No Brown faces in the bullpen. It’s 2015.
    The 21st century.
    Many social standards have changed for the better. Some have not.


    If any major iconic team was given a MAJORITY of darker skinned doppelgangers, how do you think that would be received?

    Would general audiences like a “RED TAILS” type of team?
    (The Tuskegee Airmen with superpowers)

    Is the world ready for an ALL Black/Brown/POC(people of color) Fantastic Four or Avengers?

    A fellow fan’s original premise is that one HALF ,a whole 50% of the fantastic 4 team,the twins Sue and Johnny Storm are both made Poc in the new film.
    The “blacklash” from the simple progressive premise to make Johnny a black man is palpable. One could imagine what the reaction would be by simple multiplication, if they BOTH were made black.
    That is only half the team. One black guy is 1/4th and not the majority.
    Before someone out there starts up the whole making black characters white and reverse-discrimination race-card sophistry, consider that the justice and equality that superheroes champion is an idea of balance. There’s no balance in a white majority or balance in a black majority and therefore no equality or justice. There must be a majority for ALL.
    Storm can be white when there are a major number of poc women heroes. (Just name 10 active female marvel poc women) [crickets]..Indeed. Then shall there be balance.There’s room for EVERYONE in a Multiverse of infinite parallel worlds.

  5. Hey Pabs! Try the Comic version Commander Rogers figure from the Return of the Marvel Legends Terrax wave to kit bash yourself a Nick Fury Jr.
    A collector colleague of mine did this back when the wave first dropped.

  6. Glorious article,Mr.Wolf!
    You make some thought provoking points. On the character’s publishing origins and on the figure itself.
    Thanks for illuminating the differences between figures. I have the original Captain America Wal-Mart exclusive(that apparently has the two handed gun grip)and the ML2 pack comic version of Ultimates Gen.Nick Fury(see he did not always look like SLJ) My reason for buying the Tru 3pack was obviously for Directors Phil and Hill.
    Another Fury figure isnt a problem. Fodder or trade or better yet keep and use for separate displays or amoung other dimensional doppelganger counterparts(Fury is known for misdirection by deploying android/robot clones of himself(LMD)Life Model Decoys.)
    And No,this is not the Col.Nick Fury I grew up with either.

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