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Morning Rush: Marvel Legends Wrap Up

Marvel Legends Logo

New York Toy Fair is 2 weeks away, and this month will see Toy Fair’s in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan. There will be all sorts of news and rumors that continue to fly around as they have this week. Robokillah thought it might be a good idea to break some of this down and relist it today, and I suggested we get on the air and run a Google Hangout on Sunday, we’re doing both. Here is the final written rundown of the week’s news, we will review this and then open the airwaves this Sunday 10 A.M. and review and discuss what we know. Prodigy and VeeBee will join us, make sure to look for the recorded episode on our YouTube channel.

Let’s start with the facts. The following waves are coming out with the following figures at the following prices:

Marvel Legends Odin (case): Scarlett Witch, Captain Marvel, Machine Man, Iron Fist, Sentry, Hawkeye, Thor, Old Thor, Odin = $159.99 (Based on BBTS)

Marvel Legends Hobgoblin (set): Spidergirl, Spidergirl, Anti-Venom, Spider-man, Spidey 2099, Daredevil, Hobgoblin = $139.99 (Based on BBTS)

The following is coming out with no retail price yet:

Marvel Legends Agents of Shield: Coulson, Maria Hill, Fury

Marvel Legends Thanos (set): Thanos, Hellcat, Spiderwoman, Batroc, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man Mark 43. There is chatter this will be available for pre-order in March. Take that with a grain of salt. Then again, these are showing up on eBay.

The following are listed in systems, but there is no clear listing if these are Marvel Legends. We are making the jump that they are Marvel Legends since these are characters we know are coming from Marvel Legends we’ve made the jump they are Legends.

Barnes&Noble Marvel Legends (set): Thundra, Valkryie, Blizzard, Hero Number One, Dr. Strange, Iron Man NOW, War Machine, BAF?

Amazon.com Marvel Legends Ant Man (No Date): Tigershark, Bulldozer, Giant-Man, Ant-Man, Grim Reaper, Wasp

Walgreens hinted at an exclusive again this year, but we can only guess what it is. Eric O’Grady Antman? Legends? Universe?

There was mention of a Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set, but there’s been no mention of it since SDCC 2014.

What about another SDCC 2015 exclusive?

Toy Fair is 15 days away, we are attending, we will be getting answers. We are bringing the duct tape, pliers and blowtorches; not really, more like cameras, notepads, pencils, and tape recorders. 14 days is going to feel like forever.