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Morning Rush: 3A Toys Microman, full on classic style!

3A Toys Micronauts String Divers Clear featured

Rex, Patrick, Ted, Michael and Guy are the latest 3A Toys Microman that will be coming your way this year! These are Asian exclusives like Julian, they are clear figures with coloring no clothes but will have the belt and mouth piece. Great straight up classic basic Microman figures. And I could kill 3A Toys right now! Don’t get me wrong, I love my current clothed String Divers, but this is the set that I wanted from the beginning, and my toy budget just cried a lot. We’ll see if I can somehow work these into this year’s purchases, they look great and really are what I’ve always wanted, 6 inch classic Microman action figures.

This just reminded me, I need to finish the last 2 Microman figures.

3A Toys Micronauts String Divers Clear