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Batman And Batmobile from Superman/Batman Revealed and I Already Want Toys

Sure, we all know the Affleck situation. Lots of hate, some mehs, a few tentative wait and sees. But Snyder just revealed both the Batman suit and a good idea of the what the Batmobile is going to look like and I’m already waiting for the toys.

We all knew the main part of the costume would look busy and full of texture. And it is. But I’m loving the contrast between it and the flat smooth (or at least way less textured) cowl and gloves. Short ears, prominent bat symbol, gadget belt. It’s very classic with a mix of modern. I know the picture is black and white but I’m hoping the textured parts are gray. It has to be. Not light black. Wait, does that make sense? The whole thing gives me a DKR feel. Without the bulgey bulges.

As for the Batmobile, I need to see the whole thing before making a final call but I’m liking what I’m seeing. A mix of crazy comic styling and grim realism without falling into Nolan territory. Not that I have anything against the Tumbler. I just feel that now that we’re getting super powers into the mix we can be free to go nuts with the designs of even real world items. And who doesn’t want to go nuts?

Now. Mattel. I can’t count on you for my DC action figure needs anymore. I’m sorry. I once loved you and we had a good thing going but we’ve just grown apart. It’s not you, it’s me. That’s a lie, if you were still making 6 inch figures like DCUC then I would still be buying. But you don’t, so no mo fo Robo.

DC Collectibles, you’re like an older but hotter version of my ex-girlfriend Mattel*. You’ve gotten a makeover and have been rocking it with the articulation, individual sculpts, and paints. I don’t even care if the scale is slightly larger. If they make a Superman and Batman I will buy them so quick that something something something. Any other characters from the movie would just be gravy.

That’s all fine and good, but we can also count on Hot Toys and Medicom to tear this design completely up. Maybe Square Enix? The real question comes down to the Batmobile. Can we get one? The figures are a no-brainer, we know we’ll get them in more than a few iterations. But oh, Batmobile. Will this one finally be the tipping point of getting a modern design on the shelf?

*I know, Mattel is older than DC Collectibles, no history lesson needed. I’m just referring to how it pertains to each making modern DC toys.