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Morning Rush – Toy Fair 2014, I don’t know where to start

I’m trying to take it all in. I’m trying to deal with it all. My brain is fried, there is gray matter dripping off my hair on to my shoulders and down on to the floor. There are probably fancy words that haven’t been used in years to describe this state of affairs in my brain, but they pass me by.

Let’s start with a big thank you to Hagop and VeeBee who, after 1 (2) days delivered an incredible amount of news and info. VeeBee is all over this show with direction and vision, they are using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. VeeBee went into this show with a mandate, a vision, a mission; after being snowed out last year he took all that sourness and brought it into Toy Fair this year. No snow, bad weather was gonna keep him down. Oh hell no. This year is about kicking ass and taking names. And he and Hagop are doing just that! They are feeding Robokillah news and pictures and just hands down making this thing rock and roll. This is fantastic to watch! I want more!

Big thanks to Robokillah for hand cranking our server so it stays up. We did not scope the site for this level of traffic and it if this keeps up, we’ll have to rethink our current setup. Oh SDCC, how I look forward to dealing with you as I sit in the bars across the street getting tanked and loading pictures, press releases, editorials and my gut.

MONSTER THANKS to our forum moderators for doing a fantastic job so far! Keeping the conversations rolling. Best team in the whole internets.

Now that I’m done blowing smoke up our own asses it’s time for the meat and potatoes.

Hands down, you Fwooshers want more NECA news. We’ll see what we can do about that. There seems to be no shortage of love from NECA this year, and I have to say I like what I see. Alien’s Dallas is just a beautiful piece of art. Even better, Aliens’s Bishop. Wow. It would seem that you also like this G.I. Joe stuff, I’m not certain if it was the actual G.I. Joe news or my comments wishing for a six inch line of Joes, no matter I love that Fwooshers want more. Personally I’m going after Danger at the Docks with Flint and Social Clash with Lady Jate to sate my G.I. Joe need.

I’m not shocked, and I’m not surprised that Fwooshers want more fantasy figures! We know there is already a lot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe love here on the Fwoosh, but the fact that it goes beyond that is awesome. VeeBee supplied some info yesterday on everyone’s favorite barbarian, read on for more. I’m floored by the love for Funko Game of Thrones interest and Magic: The Gathering. I mean, yeah I guessed you all might like Game of Thrones, the fantasy tie-in, timing with Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, and the super popular TV Show. But until Matthew K posted pics and we reported from Toy Fair did I really understand how much you all crave this license. Simply floored. And the figures look amazing! I know there are some quality issues due to the rush to get wave 1 out, but nothing that can’t be fixed in the next run. Just wow.

But most surprising! How much reception Magic: The Gathering got. We hardly even saw show room pictures, just some unapproved prototypes in a press release and you Fwooshers are frothing at the mouth. Holy crap! And I’m so wanting this line! I’ve been wanting a good fantasy line in 6 inch since I dumped my Toy Biz Lord of the Rings figures. Now if I can get a good Barbarian, Warrior and Knight, I’m gold Jerry, gold.

Now, The Four Horsemen just need to get their new Fantasy Line into six inches to complete the love…

I’m not ignoring Hasbro’s Marvel Infinite Legends or Star Wars The Black Series. But my brain matter can only deal with so much at a time. While everyone is all “ooh Jabba”, “ooh Speeder Bike”, I’m all “oooh Darth Vader“. That figure is a labor of love like no one’s business. And don’t get me started on Chewie or the Clone Trooper. Oh yeah baby. Pabs is all excited about those.

Finally, I’m running out of steam, but I have to put in a word about Marvel Infinite Legends. Specifically Guardians of the Galaxy. Drilling down into that, Build a Figure Groot and Nova. I’ve long wanted a Nova figure, either classic or current, he’s just too cool not to have. And while we did get one, I want a better one, and Hasbro is definitely delivering! And Groot, who doesn’t want a Groot figure in their collection?

That’s enough verbal diarrhea for the day. I’m off to let my brain chill before VeeBee and Hagop wake up and start feeding us more information.