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Fwoosh Happy Hour- Captain America Legends Infinite, Robocop ED-209, DCIE Superboy, and TMNT Casey Jones!

Quickie tonight, but a little something for everyone. I have a Christmas party to attend. ‘Tis the season! Grab your eggnog, it’s Happy Hour!

In-hand pictures of Captain America Legends Infinite showed up on Instagram from Cheynee180 and on the forums from user Weapon10 . I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: These look great!

Just look at Bob’s well toned rear! And the A.I.M. Soldier is taller than I thought he’d be. Matters not! I shall have an army. And it makes me look even more forward to Star-Lord, as if that were possible.

These are also popping up on Ebay, in-hand, out of California!

Red Skull
NOW Captain America
Hydra Soldier
Baron Zemo

Ever closer, gents.

NECA posted a video of their upcoming Robocop ED-209. Articulation. Sounds. This baby has it all.

I’m glad I picked up the Robocop with the pop out holster. Justification to buy this, at least in the eyes of the significant other. “But babe! I have Robocop, who else am I supposed to display him with? I have to get ED-209! Have to! It’s my money too!”

It’s not really that bad. I’ll just buy it and hide it, then say I’ve had it forever. She doesn’t read this, does she? Hmmm.

Looks like a DCIE Superboy has leaked out of Hong Kong!

DCIE SuperboyYou can see more pics in the Ebay auction:

Connor Kent Superboy

I loved this version of Connor. Just plain jeans and t-shirt, it was simple but fitting. I can see the comparisons some posters have made to the headsculpt looking like OMAC. The resemblance is definitely there.

Pictures of the Nickelodeon TMNT Casey Jones popped up online and I honestly can’t tell you from whence they came. They were posted on the our very own Fwoosh Forums. That’s all I know. If someone can source these shoot me a message and I’ll give proper credit.

This definitely ain’t your daddy’s Casey Jones but the spirit is still there. I like it as an updated Casey. And he’s kinda scary, which I can dig.

But I still want a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Casey Jones.

And then there’s this…


Sorry to cut and run. Much merriment to be had and I can’t be late! Happy Hour is over!


6 thoughts on “Fwoosh Happy Hour- Captain America Legends Infinite, Robocop ED-209, DCIE Superboy, and TMNT Casey Jones!

  1. Looks like the AIM solider is quite a bit taller than the standard sized Hydra guy. Maybe a trick of the camera angle?

  2. I predict tons of New 52 young Superman customs will be made with that Kon-El…put the New 52 Superman head on, repaint the shirt, add a cape, done.

  3. Okay I await the Cap Legends. The A.I.M. soldier and.Hydra soldier look great. Zemo and Red Skull look good too. Dunno how many of the troop builders I woukd want but an un beehat Bill for one woukd be nice for an A.I.M. soldier. also a blonde doc that has one head and two sexy outfits for both sides (plus red deadpool and headpool) and have the Merc with a mouth maxi series cast minus the zombies.

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