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Warlords of the Universe – Hover Disc Phase One

Joe Amaro is back with the hover disc, a cool new Warlords of the Universe toy suitable for use with any number of 6-inch scaled action figures.

The hover vehicle is a sci-fi staple and has been in countless films and comic-books.  Masters of the Universe in particular has used quite a few hover vehicles, including a few variations of hover discs with the disc troopers from the live-action film and the training discs used by Teela and Adam in the 2002 cartoon.  The hover disc feels like a natural fit for the Masters of the Universe Classics collection.


I’d like a bunch for my Horde Troopers to ride into battle.  Joe did post a pic of Ollie Queen piloting one that makes me think these will also look great with Marvel Legends and DCUC figures.

Green_ArrowI bet they would look cool with your Star Wars Black 6-inch figures as well.  I am so glad that Joe is continuing to produce these custom toys that expand upon existing toy lines.  The Manta Raider and Castle Grayskull Man add-on kit were both high-quality products, so I have no doubt these will also be great.  Stuff like this just gets me more excited about the hobby and collecting in general.  The hover discs will be available in two colors for $20 each and will go on sale some time in November.  Check out the Warlords of the Universe page for more information and we’ll be sure to give you a heads up here when there is a firm release date.


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