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Official Fwoosh Star Wars Black Series Top Ten Poll Results



The results from our very first Star Wars Black Series 6-inch figure vote are in!  We had almost 1,100 total votes, and without wasting any time, here are the results:


At number ten is everyone’s favorite assassin droid IG-88:


Kind of a surprise here, I think, as he really only played a very minor part in the original trilogy.  Regardless, he has an awesome, intimidating-looking design and will make a great figure.  The sculptor could pack a lot of detail on a figure like this with all the little ‘bot bits and pieces.  I would have no problem with buying this bounty-hunting assassin droid to hunt down the Rebels.


Number nine brings us our first and only prequel character in the top ten — Mace Windu:


Although his lines weren’t the best in any of the prequel films, he plays an important part in the prequel trilogy.  Plus, who wouldn’t want a figure of a lightsaber-wielding Samuel Jackson, right?  Make sure they nail the head sculpt and give him his purple lightsaber, and I’m in.


Number eight is another of the bounty hunters who only appeared for a short time 0n film but made a huge impression — Bossk:


Now, while he didn’t have a lot of screen time in the film,s he has appeared in the Clone Wars cartoon, which fleshed-out his character quite a bit, and it looks like it made a big enough impression to get him into the ten most-wanted list.


Number seven is a must have and a no-brainer.  His ascension to Jedi Knight complete, Luke in his Jedi garb must be made:


Wearing all black, and now sporting a green lightsaber, Luke becomes a bad ass by the end of episode six and plays a huge part in rushing the Empire, and, at the same time, he helps redeem his father. Make sure he comes with his cloak from the beginning of Return of the Jedi, and this will be a an awesome figure.


Coming in at number six is the coolest man in the Star Wars mythos — Lando Calrissian:


Betraying the Rebels at first because he had no choice, my man Lando ultimately redeems himself and ends up being an integral part of defeating the Empire. Besides Han and Chewbacca, he’s the only other man capable of flying the Millennium Falcon and was its original owner — that alone warrants a figure.  Never mind that million-dollar smile and his way with the ladies.


Starting the top five of no-brainers that are essentials to this line is Obi-Wan Kenobi from episode IV:


Without Obi Wan, the rebellion may never had succeeded. Obi-Wan played such a key part in so many major points in Star Wars history that he really is the lynch-pin of the whole thing. Once Darth Vader’s closest friend and mentor, this older Kenobi came out of seclusion to kick-start the final push against the Empire.


At number four is the eldest of the Jedi from the films — Master Yoda:


The smallest, yet most powerful, Jedi, Yoda is another must-have. As wise as he is powerful, Yoda trained Luke to take down the Empire. Being such a small figure, he could come with a ton of accessories: a cane, lightsaber, and removable cloak would all be good with me. Perhaps even a swappable “younger” head to fit in with prequel characters.


Number three brings us our favorite whiny, stuck up, but oh-so-loveable protocol droid — C-3PO:


Now that we have R2-D2, we have to add his life mate. “Threepio” has been around since the beginning, and no Star Wars collection would be complete without him.


Finishing just short of the top spot is Chewbacca:


Fierce, loyal, and one helluva co-pilot, Chewy was always there when the Rebels needed him. They can make him clean and straight-haired, or dirty and nappy-looking. Either way, I need one. Make sure he comes with his crossbow, satchel pack, and maybe even a backpack full of C-3PO parts, please.


And finally, the number one vote-getter of the first ever Star Wars Black Series top ten:

 Darth Vader


Well, that was probably the biggest “well, duh” of all time.  The central character of the entire six movies. His tale from child to hero, to evil ruler to his salvation, is the centerpiece of the six films. He takes the long way around, but he ultimately does bring order to the Force by taking out the Emperor. As a bad guy, he is instantly recognizable and iconic. In short, he HAS to be in the line and surely will be. An alternate scarred head would be awesome if included, along with a removable hand.  Or arm. Or legs. Anyway, just get to him now, Hasbro!

Here are the final totals for all the voting:

68 Darth Vader
58 Chewbacca
50 C-3PO
43 Yoda
41 Obi Wan Kenobi [Ep IV]
38 Lando Calrissian
37 Luke Skywalker [Jedi]
36 Bossk
26 Mace Windu
24 IG-88
22 Princess Leia [Ep IV]
21 Emperor Palpatine
21 Emperor’s Royal Guard
20 General Grievous
20 Han Solo [Bespin]
19 Jango Fett Count
19 Luke Skywalker [A New Hope]
18 Qui-Gon Jinn
18 Snowtrooper
17 Admiral Ackbar
17 Biker Scout
15 Count Dooku
15 Grand Moff Tarkin
13 Gamorrean Guard
12 Dengar
10 4-LOM
10 Jawa
10 Princess Leia [Boushh]
10 TIE Fighter Pilot
9 Asajj Ventress
9 Bib Fortuna
9 Tusken Raider
8 Ahsoka Tano
8 Clone Trooper
8 Commander Cody
8 Han Solo [Hoth gear]
8 Jabba The Hutt
8 Mara Jade
8 Zuckuss
7 Aayla Secura
7 Padme Amidala [Arena Battle]
6 Darth Malgus
6 Dash Rendar
6 Momaw Nadon
6 Princess Leia [Hoth]
6 Wedge Antilles
5 AT-AT Driver
5 Cade Skywalker Count
5 Darth Revan Count
5 Darth Sidious Count
5 Jaina Solo Count
5 Luke Skywalker [Hoth gear] Count
5 Nien Nunb Count
5 Oola Count
5 Ponda Baba Count
5 Wicket Count
4 Darth Nihilus
4 Death Star Trooper
4 Grand Admiral Thrawn
4 Hammerhead
4 Kit Fisto
4 Kyle Katarn
4 Max Rebo
4 Savage Opress
4 Shaak Ti
3 Aurra Sing
3 Captain Rex
3 Darth Malak
3 Imperial Officer
3 Jar Jar Binks
3 Luke Skywalker Ceremony [Ep IV]
3 Plo Koon Count
3 Princess Leia [Bespin gown] Count
3 R5-D4 Count
3 Salacious Crumb Count
3 Starkiller [The Force Unleashed]
3 Weequay
2 Anakin Skywalker [Attack of the Clones]
2 Bastila Shan [KotOR]
2 Boba Fett [McQuarrie Concept]
2 Cad Bane
2 Darth Krayt
2 Darth Talon
2 Dr Evazan
2 Droopy McCool
2 Exar Kun
2 Garindan
2 Han Solo Endor [Ep VI]
2 Jek Porkins
2 Ki-Adi-Mundi
2 Lobot
2 ObiWan in Clone Wars armor
2 Princess Leia [medal ceremony]
2 Quinlan Vos
2 Republic Trooper (The Old Republic)
2 Saelt-Marae
2 Sev Count

2 zam wessell
1 Admiral Piett
1 Anakin in Clone Wars Armor
1 Antares Draco
1 Arc Trooper
1 ARC Trooper [Captain]
1 B’omarr Monk
1 Battle Droids
1 Bith Cantina Band Member
1 Bo-Katan Kryze
1 Cantina Band Member
1 Commander Bly
1 Commander Wolfe (S4 with unhelmeted head pack in)
1 Dark Trooper
1 Darth Bane
1 Darth Caedus

1 Darth Plagueos
1 Darth Wyyrlok
1 Death Star Droid
1 Deliah Blue
1 Ewok
1 Fixer
1 Galen Marek
1 General Veers
1 GONK Droid
1 Han in Storm Trooper disguise
1 Han Solo [in Carbonite Block]
1 HK-47
1 HK-47 [Expanded Universe]
1 Imperial Knight
1 Jacen Solo
1 Jann Tosh [Droids]
1 Jariah Syn
1 Kirk (WOK)
1 Klaatu
1 Luke Skywalker [Endor gear]
1 Lumat
1 Maris Brood
1 Mon Mothma
1 Mos Eisley Cantina Band
1 Mungo Baobab [Droids]
1 Nabrun Leids
1 Nikto
1 Nute Gunray
1 Padme Amidala [Pregnant]
1 Pondo Baba
1 Power Droid
1 Pre Viszla
1 Prince Xizor
1 Princess Leia [Endor Outfit]
1 R2-Q5
1 Rebel Trooper (A New Hope)
1 Republic Commando (Gregor from S4)
1 Riyo Chuchi
1 Rom Mohc
1 Sabe [Battle Dress]
1 Satele Shan
1 Scorch
1 Senate Guard
1 Shado Vao
1 Siri Tachi
1 Snig
1 Squid Head
1 Stormtrooper [McQuarrie Concept]
1 Sy Snootles [Puppet/Non-SE]
1 T.E.S.B. Yoda
1 Talon Karrde
1 Tarkin
1 Thall Joben
1 Thall Joben [Droids]
1 Ulic Qel-Droma [Tales of the Jedi]
1 Ven Zallow
1 Visas Marr [Expanded Universe]
1 Wampa
1 Wilhuff Tarkin
1 Xizor
1 Yarna d’al Gargan

So that’s it for our first Star Wars top ten poll.  Who do you think should have placed higher or lower?  Who wasn’t shown enough love?  Discuss on the Fwoosh forums!








8 thoughts on “Official Fwoosh Star Wars Black Series Top Ten Poll Results

  1. Okay, I’ll say it – the fact that lame-oh prequel General Grievous, Jango Fett, and Qui-Gon Jinn all got more votes than a Gamorrean Guard? Princess Leia [Boushh], Bib Fortuna, Han Solo [Hoth gear]?


  2. Luke’s outfit is actually different in the beginning of ROTJ from what he wears at the end of the film.

  3. Re: nailing Sam Jackson’s likeness as Mace Windu.
    Well, I think Hasbro has got it down pat, locked and done!
    See the 4″ SW movie figures they’ve made for Years! Oh, and Walmart exclusive AVENGERS movie Legends Nick Fury. Done & done!

  4. interesting though not surprised vader made the number one. for he already has his star wars black 3/34 figure time to see him in six inch. yoda thought would be number 2 . though would not be surprised if by wave three yoda happens. bossk yes would love to have him in that size.

  5. Yarna d’al Gargan? Momaw Nadon? Mungo Baobab? Do you have to have been repeatedly dropped on your head as a child to name a Star Wars character? Also, only ONE VOTE for Death Star Droid? For shame, people!

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