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Mattypalooza: Final DC Figures, MOTUC Reveals, and Ghostbuster News

Mattel hosted their Mattypalooza panel today at NYCC, with news about their products featured on As usual, there was a lot of merchandise that we’ve already seen at previous cons and online articles. However, the news of the day included:


Matty will send the DC Universe Classics line out with a last hurrah. Four figures–Aquaman (hook-hand), Ice, Superboy, and Damian Wayne–will be offered as quarterly figures throughout 2014 on Mattycollector.

The “bound” version of Doomsday will be available as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive (also offered on Mattycollector as supply allows).

Unveiled for the Total Heroes line were Black Manta, Batman Beyond, and a “Green Lantern Corps” figure, ¬†each of which will come with an imressive number of accessories, including multiple heads, hands, etc.

Masters of the Universe

Flogg was announced and shown for the MOTUC line, and several Masters Minis were also shown, including a mini Castle Greyskull. Expect to see more exciting reveals for this mini line very soon.


While the Ecto-1 pre-sale did not fund, Mattel will be offering the four Ghostbusters with new removable backpacks, as two-packs on Mattycollector. The packs will be Ray with Egon, and Peter with Winston.



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