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Action Figure Feature – Star Wars Black 6-inch Series 2

Star Wars Black 6-inch Series 2 is starting to hit at e-tailers like bigbadtoystore.com, so let’s take a closer look at these four new superposeable figures.

We are kicking off our Fwoosh coverage of series 2 with this Photo Feature, but stay tuned for more in-depth reviews soon!

Boba Fett

Boba Fett is pretty much the same as his SDCC release, he just doesn’t come with Han in Carbonite.  The one thing I noticed is the plastic belt pouches feel a little more stiff than the already stiff belt from the SDCC version.  He’s a great figure, but kind of old news for me since I have the SDCC version, so I didn’t focus on this guy here.


Greedo_01Greedo is fantastic.  The sculpt is so detailed and beautiful, and the sculpt and development process were extensively covered in pre-SDCC articles online, so I thought he was going to be great all along.  The figure lives up to the pics in person.

Greedo_02 Greedo_03 Greedo_04 Greedo_05Poor Greedo has a short shelf-life in the film, but I remember seeing pics of other similarly dressed Rodians in Star Wars promotional materials, so I feel like I can use him as one of his “cousins” (that’s what we called them when we were kids) and not just Greedo.

The poseability on this guy is great.  I do love that Hasbro has finally figured out how to get good movement out of their mid-torso ball joint.  Now if only they would teach Mattel…


Princess Leia

I felt that Slave Leia was a bit of a weird choice as the first Leia figure in this line and probably the weakest of the prototypes, but as a guy who grew as a collector with “Monkey Face” Leia in Power of the Force, this is an amazing achievement.  The likeness is the best I’ve seen in a non-sideshow-type figure, and the profile is especially good.

Princess Leia_07 Princess Leia_08 Princess Leia_09 Princess Leia_10 Princess Leia_11 Princess Leia_12The articulation is pretty great and she can get into tons of cool poses, but it’s weird to me that they skipped the cool tilting ankles.  Every other figure in this line has them, so I really miss them here, especially when trying to get wide stances.

Princess Leia_13 Princess Leia_14 Princess Leia_15 Princess Leia_16She does make me really want a Jabba the Hutt playset in this scale!

Princess Leia_17 Princess Leia_18 Princess Leia_19 Princess Leia_20 Princess Leia_21 Princess Leia_22 Princess Leia_23 Princess Leia_24 Princess Leia_25 Princess Leia_26 Princess Leia_27 Princess Leia_28Han Solo

Han is the clear winner of the wave for me and I absolutely love this figure.  He comes with a mess of stuff to match several of his looks in Star Wars.

He can get into pretty much every iconic Han Solo pose.  The only one I couldn’t quite get that I wanted was from old promo shots where he is shooting his blaster and his arm is pointing up and his wrist is pointing down slightly.  Han’s wrists move side to side and not up and down like Luke’s from series one.

The swappable pilot glove hands are a cool touch that was completely unnecessary, but very appreciated.

The same goes for the imperial belt and blaster. The working holster is pretty boss.

Han Solo_13 Han Solo_14 Han Solo_15 Han Solo_16Speaking of holsters, his regular holster is also really great.  It’s made of nice soft plastic and doesn’t hinder movement at all.  Even the little clip that holds it on works.  Great stuff.

Han Solo_17 Han Solo_18 Han Solo_19 Han Solo_20 Han Solo_21 Han Solo_22It’s hard for me to communicate in writing how much fun this figure is to play with and pose, but hopefully the pics get the idea across.

Han Solo_23 Han Solo_24 Han Solo_25 Han Solo_26 Han Solo_27The only nitpick I have is that his eyebrows are painted a little high on his forehead and his neck seems just slightly too long, but everything else is so good that I almost don’t care.

Han Solo_28 Han Solo_29 Han Solo_30 Han Solo_31 Han Solo_32 Han Solo_33 Han Solo_34