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Power-Con 2013 – Additional Mattel Booth Pictures


Now I rushed to get the reveal pics posted ASAP, but I did forget to upload some of the slightly less newsworthy, but still interesting pics from Mattel’s booth.

As you would expect, Mattel had some of their SDCC revealed figures further along in production, so we saw closer to complete versions of Hydron, Modulok and Glimmer.  A couple nitpicks aside, these looked pretty great.  I was especially impressed with the detail on Two-Bad’s armor.  The pitted, crusty texture on his left glove and boot were amazing looking.  It was also funny to see the air-force of Sky High figures with different heads.  I took that as Mattel trying to sell more Jet Sleds by making Sky High more of an army builder figure.

They also had the Castle Grayskull further along the path to completion and that was a great fun toy to play around with.  It took some doing to get my kids to leave that area.  The massive box was also on hand featuring that most excellent painting by Rudy Obrero and some great old school technical drawings of the MOTUC line on the back.



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