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LEGO – Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869


The fun part about LEGO is that I can pilfer my kids’ collection for reviews. While I’m a little late here, I give you another review for Avengers LEGOs. This time it’s the mighty Quinjet from the movie. As we all know, the movie came out a while ago and was a huge success. There was a ton of product and joy for collectors with action figures, comics, and a bunch of other stuff released, but most importantly — LEGOs. No longer limited to Star Wars and DC, we now have Marvel LEGOs. I have this strange desire to have the entire Marvel Universe in mini-figures, and then build this big, giant LEGO city where mini-figure hijinks and fun can occur. You know, something like a giant HO-scale train set you used to build with your dad in the basement or attic or garage.

Earlier I covered the Iron Man 3 playset (review here) and expressed my love for Marvel-based LEGOs. And the Quinjet set is no different. First of all, the Quinjet is huge! It’s a monster of a ship that takes a lot of space and is loads of fun to play with. It also includes Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Loki, and space dude cannon fodder. You also get the alien sky sled for Loki and fodder dude to ride around on.

The figures are great. LEGO perfected their abilities with the mini-figure design back in the late ’70s, and the formula sticks. Now with modern paint techniques, they can pretty much make anything. The characterizations and expressions that are found on these mini-figures is simply outstanding. I won’t go into the articulation that much since the whopping five points is simple and really doesn’t need to be broken down.

Overall, this is another fantastic set from LEGO. It’s a complex build, but nothing that my 8-year-old couldn’t handle on his own. LEGO’s numbered bag and instruction kit makes this an easy build for just about any person. The final product is big, so you’ll need to make some serious space in your LEGO display or your LEGO City for this thing to land, but it’s possible.

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