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Dear Mattel: We Need Club Filmation to Continue

Here they are, the entrants into the 2013 Club Filmation! I make it no secret that I want this subscription to continue in 2014 and beyond because, even though we have gotten some really cool characters so far, there are so many left to do! Many of us have been waiting DECADES for these special characters and since the vintage toy line and PoP characters are being prioritized in the main sub, continuing this execution makes so much sense! So, here are Icer, Shokoti, Batros, Nepthu, Sea Hawk and Strong Arm in all their glory:


Now, imagine the likes of Lizard Man, Evil Seed, General Tataran, Melaktha, Vultak, General Sunder, Madame Razz, the Robot Knights, Ileena, Hunga, Granita and myriad of other character in the Classics style! C’mon, Mattel – you have said that priority is getting the most figures released in the next two years, continuing the Club Filmation in 2014 and 2015 would be a great way to realize that! There are still many characters waiting!


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