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Hasbro – Marvel Legends Quicksilver


Ah, yes. Quicksilver. The much-wanted Quicksilver. He finally made a Marvel Legends appearance in Hasbro’s Blob Series in 2007, and he came in the popular classic blue costume. And everyone was not happy. This figure used the Hasbro tooling from the Bullseye body, which did not come out as collectors wanted. The chest lost that tight fit and the sculpt lost the seamlessness. Instead, the figure was left with a ratchety ab joint, and the chest sculpt didn’t flow one part into the next as well. This is most visible in the ab joint; to see the difference, look at Captain Marvel (review), and then compare it to Quicksilver. It’s not as tight — the ribs on Quicksilver stick out and are almost warped.

In addition, this figure uses the same goofy feet that Toy Biz slapped on the Captain Marvels. Bozo has begun his conquest of the Marvel Universe! And while I’m not a hater of the forearms and the hands, the biceps took a hit; they’re bigger and square and just don’t look right. Hopefully this is another correction that can be made in future variations in Hasbro lines.


There is one final area of controversy: the head. People had a hard time with the head sculpts on Marvel Legends; they were either too small or too large. I think, though I haven’t actually measured,  if we go by Andrew Loomis’s formula, we’ll find that Quicksilver has a good-sized noggin. It does seem off since we want his head to be smaller, more to the heroic proportion, but we have to remember he isn’t a large, heroic character. He’s of average size, so his head shouldn’t shrink as a result. I like the head size and the sculpt. I don’t like the pasty white-colored plastic; it’s tough to see the details in the sculpt and it bounces light like crazy when taking pictures.

This is a standard Marvel Legends action figure, and it does everything that It needs to do. The only complaint that I have is the neck’s range of motion. I’d like to really capture that heads-up look when he’s running. I think that’s more me being anal than anything else since the figure works fine, and truth is, no one runs like they do in the comics, so having a cranked-back head isn’t where it is at. Here is the articulation run down:

  • hinged toes
  • rocker ankles
  • hinged ankles
  • shin swivels
  • double knees
  • ball hips
  • swivel waist
  • hinged ab
  • rocker shoulders
  • ball shoulders
  • swivel biceps
  • double elbows
  • swivel forearms
  • hinged wrists
  • articulated fingers
  • hinged neck
  • swivel head

As I mentioned in the head discussion, there isn’t much paint to the figure. The gloves, boots, costume bolt, and hair are about it. There is some eye work, but really not much. I think this figure could really benefit from a good old fashioned Toy Biz factory paint application. Sure, it would be expensive, but it would be totally worth it as this figure needs a good dry brush and wash to make it pop.

This figure does fill a spot in my Avengers display; it is a good solid figure and one worth picking up. It isn’t great, but with a little modification it can be made to look great. You can still pick this figure up and his green Brotherhood of Evil mutants paint variant on

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8 thoughts on “Hasbro – Marvel Legends Quicksilver

  1. I think the buck is salvageable. Keep the an joint on right, and do what the did with x-force wolverine. Use an old torso, and fix the leg articulation. Not everyone needs to be the Bucky Cap size. This works for smaller characters if you fix the problems

  2. I like the Marvel Universe Quicksilver and YJ so much more simply for not using that awful body. For all the grief Mattel got with re-using the same bodies, I’d rather that than these awkward bucks in my ML display.

  3. Fugly buckgly! Avengers Assemble!! LOL destroy these bucks, throw away the molds. Literally. Dudes, I too abhor those hip-ball joints,but that floating ab crunch really irks my nerve! Ugh! Loose seams!?
    Really,Hasbro?! I mean light breaks through the figure the ab crunch seams are so wide! So when I say “floating”, I mean the sh*# looks like quicksilver’s upper body is suspended! Then they had the ballz(pun intended) to use this crap for YellowJacket,Nova,and Guardian too.

  4. I agree wraith, I hate that damn hip joint as well. I first encountered it on ML6 brown costume Wolverine, and I thought there was something wrong with the figure at first, until I realized the same hip was also used on Cable. Since then, every time a new ML that I really wanted was announced, I would pray that it wouldn’t have that cursed hip joint. I was most disappointed when Iron Fist had it (especially since Luke Cage didn’t). I really wanted the martial artist to be easy to pose, but alas it was not to be. The same goes for Quicksilver, since he’s a runner it shouldn’t be such a struggle to get his legs into a running pose.

    This truly crappy hip articulation has endured to this day. I’ve gotten used to it, and have even come to accept it, but it definitely needs to be retired once and for all.

  5. Man, I absolutely HATE the hip articulation Hasbro uses on this figure. So many potentially cool figures get ruined by this lame, fumblesome hip joint. Toybiz had it right with the old Archangel type hip.

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