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First Look – Watchmen Club Black Freighter Comedian


Rorschach’s Journal: August 20th, 2013.

A Comedian died. But now, he is being brought back. Brought to plastic, for the first time. Been waiting for this. The last punchline comes next to last in the Club Black Freighter. We are counting down. Down to the end. But will he have the last laugh? Are we doomed to repeat our history? Who will laugh at the joke this time? I wonder. Hrm.

 “And I’m up while the dawn is breaking, even though my heart is aching. I should be drinking a toast to absent friends instead of these comedians.” – Elvis Costello

Edward Blake. His downfall will lead to the downfall of us all. Murdered. By a teammate. Found out too late. We all know how that turned out. Hrm.

He would never go for the plan. Keene disbanded us. The government legitimized him. The most unstable of all of us. And that includes me. That’s a good joke. Funny. Hrm.

The Black Freighter figures have been basic so far, but pretty solid. Some like Dan turned out nice. Some like John, not quite. But… it is good to almost have the whole team. Seems familiar. Like there is still a chance to do something good. What Keene took away, Mattel is restoring. Blake is number five. Hope you got those that came before. They are long gone now. Hrm.

Blake is probably the best of the group so far. Solid figure. Not perfect, but solid. Costume looks good in plastic. He has his shot gun and flamethrower. Those were needed. Those we got. Pistols and knives and sculpted into the holsters. They are not removable. Get the stand too. As always. Hrm.

Blake’s head sculpt is pretty good, if not a perfect likeness. A little small. Probably what is causing it. His scars look good. Deep. Sculpted. A part of him. His grin reminds you why he is called the Comedian. It is all so funny. Got his domino mask, but not the gimp mask. A shame. Ozymandias comes with two heads. Would have been better on Blake. So why not? Must investigate. Hrm.

Articulation is standard for DCUC. If you know the scheme, you know what to expect. Neck doesn’t move very well, though. He can hold both guns convincingly with both hands. Need to when you carry such weapons. Though, Blake would probably laugh and shoot a shot gun with one hand. Again, that is why he is the Comedian. Or was. Shoulder disk on left arm is weird. Cast in flesh-colored plastic. Should have been red to match the sleeve. Hrm.

His grin is good, chomping a cigar would have been better. Never a chance of that happening. This a toy made by a big company. Smoking is bad for you. So is breaking the law. But he still stole a cigar from the NECA brown Gremlin figure. Worked like a charm. Flamethrower in one hand, cigar in the other. That is on-model. That is Blake. Hrm.


Mattel did not secure the rights to the “Smiley Face.” If anything about the Comedian is important, it is that. It is a symbol. It is a theme to an entire story. You get a blank yellow circle instead. If the smile could not be included, this is the best option. Get an ultra-fine Sharpie. Draw it on. Works like a charm. None the wiser. Steal a cigar. Draw a face. That makes for a convincing Comedian. Now you can all laugh. With joy. Hrm.


Edward Blake. The Comedian. Glad to have him in plastic. Not perfect, but maybe the best so far. Nite Owl will have something to say about that. Only one left. The one with the ultimate punch line. Then the team will be complete. The Club will be done. It will all really begin then. Happier ending. No such thing. At least we will have our figures. Hrm.


*Toy Guru sent him. That sounds like an alias. Will investigate. The Comedian will be for sale in September at Matty Collector.


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