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Wonderfest 2013 – Figma




Figma is posting pictures of their product from Wonderfest on their Facebook page.

As you know, Fwoosh took an interest in Figma when they started making 6 inch superposeable action figures, but this interest expanded when they showed off pictures of their Avengers line of action figures. We’ve yet to hear if these figures are approved, but I am hoping there is some new information coming out of Wonderfest this weekend. As I am writing this fwoosher bonertown linked the following pic to the forums:


Figma is the action figure line from long time model and toy producer Max Factory. They are already covering properties like Berserker, Cobra, Kamen Rider, and many many more. It is an exciting property to collect and follow. They make a wide range of figures and they are 6 inch scaled figures. This can often be confusing as some of the figures will seem like they are 5 inch scale. But Figma pays close attention to scale and the ages of the character. A teenage character will be scaled closer to 5 inches and adult figures will be scaled to 6+ inches. It makes collecting the line confusing for newcomers that might be thinking Figma doesn’t know their scale, when in fact they are pretty meticulous when working with scale.

Wonderfest or Wonder Fest is one of the larger conventions in Japan for toys, models, manga, and anime. Like San Diego Comic Con, Wonderfest grew from a small garage kit convention into a super large bi annual event where major toy and model companies show up to show off released and to be released toys. It is a huge event and one that we’ll be keeping an eye on in the future.

You can follow Figma’s Facebook here.

And you can discuss this on the fwoosh forums here.

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