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Quick Pics – DC Unlimited DCnU Aquaman


Dear toy guys: I do not like the DCnU. I think the concept has been done to death, and it is not an improvement, just different. So, please refrain from making it really difficult for me to not like these toys. kthanxbye


I say that because, even though I should not care much for this figure, I am finding that I really like this Aquaman. Like, a lot. Not as much as my classic Aquaman from all the way back in DCUC series 2, but he is probably my favorite once since then. No, really, he is. I think the costume update is just subtle enough that it keeps the spirit of the iconic iteration of old Art (unlike the horrible Superman redesign), and the way that it has been translated into plastic is quite well done. I like the sheen that comes off of the plastic in the green parts and the opalescent paint used on the orange chain mail really stands out.


This figure’s head sculpt is really nice too (if not a touch too small) and his expression matches his gaunt facial features with a slicked-back hairdo to complete the look. I don’t mind my Aquaman smiling, but this works for this figure and it seems like Mattel has my number when it comes to Arthur Curry — his original figure is one of my favorites of the entire DCUC line, and this one is probably my new preferred DCnU figure. Go, Aquaman.


His joint construction is solid too, so there are no worries about that, and the plastic is strong and rather typical of the good offerings we have gotten regarding quality control as of late.

Finally, his trident is awesome. I mean, I FINALLY have a more classic trident to give to my standard Aquaman figure — yay! The embellished one that came with the DCUC series 2 figure actually goes well with this one, so he will get it since he is giving his away to my iconic version.

nu52-aquaman-profile nu-52-aquaman-charge nu52-aquaman-swim nu52-aquaman-stoic nu52-aquaman-trident-feature nu52-aquaman-walk nu52-aquaman-cross-trident nu52-aquamen classic-aquaman-classic-trident

I would say Arthur here probably has the best track record when it comes to characters that have had multiple figures from Mattel. At the very least, he is keeping pace with Hawkman in that regard. He is starting to ship now, so you can pick one up on Amazon right away!

*Thanks for reading and thanks to Mattel for sending along this sample for our photo shoot.

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