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Fwoosher Thoughts – FansToys Quakewave 3rd-Party Masterpiece

The Autobots and Decepticons have been locked in a brutal war of attrition for millions of years, and the cost, especially for the collectors, has been high.  Fortunately for the ‘bots, and for us, reinforcements are on they way:  The Decepticons picked up their old walking calculator in the form of FansToys’ imposing cyclops Quakewave. We have gotten a few initial thoughts from Fwoosh board member MoneyCon!

If you’re in the habit, I mean hobby, of collecting Transformers, you’ve seen a large impact on your wallet and your heart (in a good way) recently. Whether it’s from the rise of this strange beast called “third party,” or the even more welcome and widespread resurrection of the Masterpiece line, almost no one can hide or deny that the selection and quality of  Transformers toys are rising exponentially. I’ve been hypnotically drawn to the third party products from their beginnings as mere “add-ons” and “armor,” to the recent massive, gravitational, and imposing combiner giants like Hercules. But none compare to, and all have stepped aside to make room for, my most recent addition: Quakewave. Or as he is more commonly known — SHOCKWAVE!


If you played with, or collected, Transformers during its G1 beginnings, you wanted Shockwave like you wanted to be in the same room with that hot neighbor-girl Stephanie. Not only for its awesomeness, but also for its elusive nature when it came to the shelves of the toy aisle. Unfortunately, If you were like me, you never saw him, never had him, and never owned him. But now, thanks to FansToys, Shockwave (Quakewave) is home… and home to stay.


If I could afford to buy several of this masterpiece, I would. If I could carry him around with me, strapped to my belt or in my hand, I would. If I could walk hand in laser cannon, waving him around making the sounds that need to be made with such a beautiful creation, I would… but I digress, and am possibly scaring a few of you.


I’ve done a couple of mini reviews on the boards recently, so here’s one for Quakwave:

Quakewave: Perfection.

Short, simple, and to the point. His coloring, articulation, size, transformation, detail, character, and his representation of the figure you always wanted Shockwave to be, are spot on perfection (IMHO, of course). From the light-up features on his eye and cannon, to the numerous die cast parts, he feels heaving in the hand and light on the heart.


If you haven’t ordered him, DO SO. If you have to take a 2nd mortgage on the house, DO SO. If you have to sell parts of your body… Well, I think you get my point.


 Thanks to MoneyCon for sharing his thoughts on the fantastic looking figure!

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