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Toy Fair 2013 – Mattel 1966 Batman!

Even though pics of Batman, Penguin, and the Riddler were leaked last week, many of us were still highly anticipating Mattel’s showing for the newly acquired 1966 Batman TV show license.

We got our first look at Robin, and learned that Robin will only be available in a 2 pack with Batman. That pack contains a vertical wall piece base that can be used to display the dynamic duo in their iconic “scaling the outside of a building” activity.

The other characters will be available as singles. Cesar Romero Joker was not shown, but was confirmed for the line, along with “at least a couple” more figures as well. Romero WILL have his signature moustache (how could he not?!).

The Batmobile will comfortably seat two Movie Masters scaled figures, which you may recall are slightly smaller than the 6″ DCUC figures. So–will DCUC Batman fit in this ’66 ride? Might be a tight fit, especially with the hard plastic cape. We’ll have to wait and see.

Also of note: Batman in board shorts with surfboard.  And the inevitable Barbie and Ken as TV’s Batman and Catwoman.

DSC05093 DSC05094 DSC05095 DSC05096


DSC05171 DSC05172 DSC05173 DSC05174 DSC05175 DSC05176

7 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2013 – Mattel 1966 Batman!

  1. she will proably be in wave two or maybe in another two pack like with alfred or gordon. can’t wait to get that bat mobile . though odds are some fans are not going to be happy about robin being only in the two pack though that is the only way to really get adam west and burt ward in plastic. save hunting for both

  2. Couldn’t give less of a crap about the Barbie and ken dolls, mostly ’cause every time they make a superhero one, it looks like a low-rent cosplayer, and the Robin figure isn’t looking too hot. I just hope we see more than just the main villains, but maybe they don’t think it’s good business sense to make Egghead. And what’s this business about Toys R Us exclusivity? Better start bookmarking the the Ebay scalper’s pages…

  3. these figs are soo freakin cool. and the 6” scale batmobile holy smokes. im all over this line.

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