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CC33: Marvel Legends Phoenix Five box set by Truwe 316

What would Comic Con be with out Marvel Legends.  The Phoenix Force redesigned the Marvel Universe and now the Phoenix Five will do the same to the line. Hasbro heard the fans in 2012 with the X-Force three pack to round out the first ever team.  Taking it to the next level in 2013, the Phoenix Five is the entire team in one pack! Five figures with four flight stands!  The Phoenix will rise again!

Your first and last name, or just the nickname you go by online. Your preference. -Truwe 316
Your email address. [email protected]
Your custom figure website address, if you have one.
The name of your figure line. -Marvel Legends Phoenix Five box set
Cyclops –DCUC Red Lantern body with a Red Superman head
Colossus – Marvel Select Colossus with a Hush Batman cape for the loin cloth
Magik – DCUC Wonder girl with Marvel Legends Black Widow hair
Emma Frost – DCUC Wonder Woman upper torso and arm with a Female Shield Agent lower body
Namor – WWE Elite body with ML Namor head and ankle wings