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DC Unlimited Carded Quick Pics

5 thoughts on “DC Unlimited Carded Quick Pics

  1. Azureknight are you sure they’ll be 2 different superman headsculpts? someone told me the smirking head is the new revised headsculpt for both the single carded and giftpack set superman figures.
    i’m hoping your right cause i really dislike the smirking head. if it was a character like blue beetle or the flash i wouldn’t mind the smirk but it’s really out of character for superman. it’s like making a modern era batman figure with a big happy smile on his face.

  2. Wait a minute, where did trs get carded samples from? But yeah, these are looking great, especially Savage Hawkman and Super Powers Penguin, though I don’t know why there’s only a pic of the Flash’s cardback, and not the packaged figure.

  3. @FigureFan they will all be exactly the same except Superman will have a different head. One will have a smirk while the other will look more serious (don’t remember which is which)

  4. Looking good. I’ll be picking these up. =)

    On a slightly related note… anyone know if the “We Can Be Heroes’ 7-pack from DC Collectibles are the same as the single packed figures?

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