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Action Figure Feature – Prometheus Pressure Suit Engineer

The enigmatic Engineers of Prometheus are arriving at toy stores now.  Let’s take a look at the Pressure Suit Engineer from NECA!

[Spoilers if you haven’t seen Prometheus] I have to say, based on the design and the peaceful, thoughtful look on the Engineer’s faces through most of Prometheus, I was pretty shocked when the last surviving Engineer tore David’s head off and rampaged through the ship looking to kill Elizabeth Shaw.  The Engineer turns out to be a main “monster” in this film, so after finally seeing the movie, I really wanted this figure.


Like the Chair Suit Engineer, Pressure Suit Engineer comes with no accessories.  I’m not sure what he would need to come with that is missing, so I’m not particularly disturbed by that.  It’s such a large figure, and he doesn’t have a real compelling natural accessory, so I don’t feel like it’s a problem.  An alternate head with an angry expression could have been cool, though.


Again, like the Chair Suit Engineer, the sculpt on this guy is fantastic.  The Giger-style biomechanical stuff is a wonder to look at up close, and the head sculpt perfectly captures the somewhat blank or neutral expression the engineers had for most of the film.


The Pressure Suit Engineer has similar articulation to the Chair Suit (ball jointed neck, ankles, abs and wrists; bicep swivels; and swivel/hinged shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips) except the Pressure Suit Engineer does not have the bicep swivel.  This figure also has better range of movement on the elbow swivel/hinge, with a little more than a 90-degree bend.

The torso is made of soft plastic so it does not restrict articulation.  It’s almost too soft as it doesn’t quite hold the shape of the sculpt rigidly, so his butt is a little bit dumpy.  It’s not a fatal flaw since I prefer articulation to sculpt most times, and you aren’t really looking at the butt very often.


The paint on this guy is mostly some washes to bring out the techno detail of his suit.  I’m a little surprised they didn’t go with the more translucent plastic for the Engineer’s head sculpt.  Looking at the film, I thought this character would really benefit from that treatment.  The plastic they used still looks really good, though.


Like the Chair Suit Engineer, I find these figures to be a great deal at the $15.99 I’m seeing them for at my local TRU.

These are big, beefy figures full of useful, solid articulation and beautiful sculptural detail.  Check out some more close up pics of the sculpt detail, some vanilla 360 shots, and a size comparison below:



These pics are meant to show off the articulation’s range of motion.

Comparison with Chair Suit:


Size Comparison:

Thanks to NECA for sending this figure to us for review!

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