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Action Figure Feature – NECA Predators Series 6 Warrior Predator

Predators series 6 is made up of three Predators from the group of Predators shown briefly at the end of Predator 2, commonly known in fan circles as ‘The Lost Clan” or “Lost Hunters.”  We will wrap up our look at series 6 with a look at the Predator NECA has named “Warrior Predator.”

The Warrior Predator is often called “Ram” by Predator fans, and you can see why based on the shape of his mask.  The character is basically the City Hunter Predator with a new mask, but what a mask!  With it’s narrow eyes, heavy brow, and ram-horn cheeks, he gives the impression of a real brute.

The Warrior also has an interesting blue/gray color scheme that helps him stand out among all the earth tones of most of the other predators.


The figure appropriately reuses parts from the City Hunter and has his own unique mask sculpt.  The mask is just amazing to me.  It looks like hammered metal and is full of textures and great little details.

I especially like all the alien lettering carved into the forehead ridge of the mask.

Even though this is pretty much the same body as the Scout Predator, I  was still finding new cool details while playing with this figure.  The above shot shows the part where the predator’s armor straps together under his arms.  It’s a great amount of detail work for a spot that will rarely be seen and I appreciate the attention to detail.

Even though the Predator is mostly nude, the little armor that he does sport is so detailed and eyecatching.

Armor Details


The Warrior Predator comes with a smart disc and that’s it.  His right hand is sculpted to fit securely into the finger holes, and the disc can be pressed into a holster at the Warrior’s right hip.  I just realized I didn’t take any pics of this guy sporting the smart disc (so unprofessional), but it works just like the Scout’s disc, so check that out.


The paint is pretty great on this figure, although I do have a couple nitpicks.  First off, the skin is that new semi-translucent plastic that I think works really well at conveying the slimy, wet look of predator skin.

It also looks like there was a bit of a wash in there to bring out the great skin texture sculpt.  The armor has a couple of washes that do great work in bringing out the beautiful sculpt.

The only issue I have is the painted netting lines don’t always match up with the sculpted netting lines.  I’ve seen some that match up better, so it’s something that you need to be on the lookout for in the store.

Like the Scout and Lost Predators, articulation follows the Predator 2 figure articulation layout with ball-jointed ankles, double-jointed knees, swivel/hinge hips, a ball-jointed waist twist, ball-jointed wrists, ball-jointed neck, swivel-hinge shoulders, and swivel-hinged elbows.  Predators from Series 4-6 of NECA’s predator line have this enhanced articulation.  The joints are nice and tight and hold poses well.

The hips are like the Masters of the Universe Classics figures, except they have better range of motion because the loincloths on the Predators are very soft.

Again, this figure feels like a great deal for the price in this market.  I’m really impressed with NECA’s finishing off this group of obscure characters.  I appreciate that kind of commitment to fringe interests.

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