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ThreeA Toys – Action Portable Zomb three-pack

Playable. Posable. Huggable. Zombies have invaded my house and instead of freaking out and scrambling to find a helmet to protect my tasty brains, I’m twisting and turning them over and over and finding plenty to love about these little guys.

It’s been a long wait since last Halloween. When pictures first popped up showing that 3A would be releasing their “Zombs” in 6-inch scale on Bambaland, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get just one. I’m not much of an army-builder type of guy, usually satisfied with two or three, but I went in for a three-pack and a single blind. Now having a rather paltry four in-hand, I want an entire legion of Zombies. Yeah, to me, they’re zombies. I’ve decided I can’t call them “Zombs,” even if that’s technically their name. It just feels incomplete.

Now, while four is a decent number, and makes for an opposing setting, I still think something like ten or more would make for a badass display. I want to go back in time and kick Halloween me in the booty and tell him to splurge on some more blinds. I’m hoping for further releases in the future.

For now, though, I’m going to concentrate on the three-pack.

The three-pack consists of three zombies in three different variations on the boiler room jumpsuits: regular boiler, medic prevention, and trauma command. As always, the most exceptional thing is the 6-inch scale clothing. I’m always blown away at how they manage to get realistic clothwork–zippers and all!–while keeping a high level of posability. While zombies have never been the most athletic of creatures, I’ve never been one to subscribe to the notion that “it’s not a ninja, it doesn’t need to move a lot.” A good pose can add a lot to a toy, and I’m pretty sure if these were less posable I wouldn’t be as into them as I am.

One other aspect of the clothing that really tweaked my cheek was something I wouldn’t have been expecting if I hadn’t read Pabs’ earlier review: pockets. I don’t know if I ever would have noticed on my own because who thinks to look for actual working pockets on a 1/12th figure? Pockets! Uncanny. Our modern and casual fashion-conscious zombie can put his hands in his pockets while waiting for the bus.

While each sports similar bodies and suits, the head sculpts are all unique. They’re all highly stylized and maintain the same general 3A aesthetic in the hair and facial structure. While not necessarily horrifying as one generally thinks of a zombie, there’s a certain creepy charm in them. They all look like they should be named Cletus. Cletus or Rufus. A name ending in an “us” for sure. Cletus, Rufus, and Brutus: the zombie triplicates.

Zombie Triplicates: The Movie.

Zombie Triplicates: Dinner For Three.

These truly are a huge amount of fun. I’m a sucker for horror-movie aesthetics, and while plenty of companies make various toys based around horror properties, there’s often a tradeoff between sculpt and articulation. But the combination of realistic clothing and fairly natural movement really make these a cut above the rest. I can’t wait for the opportunity to buy more.


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