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SDCC 2012 – Ranking the Masters of the Universe Reveals

Not-Quite-Final Frosta

I know we should be basking in the post-convention glory of some pretty impressive reveals, but lest we forget–it is also “sub-sellin'” season. For the first time ever, Masters of the Universe is facing the potential scary reality that the 2013 subscription might not move forward. Never have we been faced with this problem as MOTU fans (as a DC fan, I know the anxiety well) and Toy Guru has even posted a video on YouTube to discuss the figural and financial realities of it all. I know that we came out in serious support of the DCIE last year, and while I still strongly support the MOTU, DC, and new Watchmen subscriptions, I know the situation is not for everyone. I buy subscriptions because I am all in on all accounts with these lines. I love the figures and the characters so much, and MOTU and DC are the only figure lines with which I have ever been a 100% completist. But that is not for everyone, and I realize that. The cost and character selection do not meet everyone’s financial situations or figure tastes, and I completely understand that.

I hope that everything can move forward and that I can remain a happy collector for all of these lines. I hope that some creative ways to help the subs get over the proverbial “goal lines” can come forward. If we do get to continue on with 2013, I think the current realities dictate that some thought to different (or more) strategies are probably going to be in order. Mattel needs to be able to make the money on these products in order to make them worth the executions. We as collectors need our favorite figures. The methods need to satisfy both of these things, so I pray that perfect marketing storm can be found. If you are a completist and you have the means, I say that you should subscribe, it makes it very easy to collect. If you are not, I completely understand that too, and I hope that your needs can be addressed as well. We have right at about two weeks to find out our figures’ fates (for some reason 8/6/12 is a hard deadline and the window will not be extended), but in the meantime, I would like the focus on the great MOTU reveals themselves. What did I like best? Was there a lemon for a reveal? Come check out my personal list if you have some time to kill, and sound off in the comments to let me know your thoughts.

Let’s not waste any time and we can start from the bottom and make our way to my personal favorite. Remember: these are all a matter of personal OPINION. I pray no one’s list is exactly like mine, that would be boring. I hope I also have a few overall comments as well as some thoughts on what wasn’t shown too.


King He-Man

You know, I don’t think there was a “weak” overall reveal at the entire show, but some of them just did not excite me as much as some of the others. Case in-point is King He-Man. Classics has been all about fleshing out the current timeline as well as the past, and now the future. We don’t know a lot about what the future holds for Eternia, but it looks like Adam has embraced his He-Man alter ego as he ascends to the throne. I actually like the story line, but the design of the look for the future King does not really grab me. I think part of that is his costume attempts to grab every aspect of Eternian history and put is all in one outfit. The colors meld together well, but the blues and golds are not really representative of what He-Man has always been. I AM interested in seeing his story and the figure does get me to actually like the idea of the electronic “ironing board” Power Sword, something I have never ever been a fan of. He is a pretty good choice for a sub-incentive figure, too. He is not a bad figure, quite the contrary, just not my personal favorite.

#15: CY-CHOP


Terry  Higuchi’s 30th Anniversary contribution is a MOTU mishmash at its best, while still paying homage to the Microman property. I know a lot of people are split on this figure, but I love everything about him, save for the the actual chopper blades. The head is a lot fun–I like being able to see this guy’s guts inside of the Roboto chest, and the furry arms work well for me too. Plus, I dig that he is an old associate of Kronis and a current Hordesman. The one personal design quibble I have is that his chopper hands are huge and a little too “200x” for me. If they would have been half the size, I would be golden with this guy, but I am wondering instead if I might employ the Horde Prime hands instead for him. Again, a cool design with just one thing that doesn’t gel with me. This is a tough field.


King Randor

Man, this figure is a long time coming, right? About 30 years by my count. I completely understand, and I’m very happy for those people that are finally getting “their” Randor. The execution on this figure is about as spot-on as you could want for this version of the King, and I love that they included his wine chalice too. They even got his little kingly booties! I know I might be in the minority, but I have always loved the vintage interpretation of King Randor, like the one we got in Classics all the way back in 2009. He kept all of the color cues from him FILMation look, but put him in armor so he was ready for battle. I like the idea of Randor “leading from the front.” I AM a very big fan of FILMation, though, and I want lots and lots of characters from that show. I just need my Randor to be battle ready. This figure is a perfect interpretation of Randor in the palace and he will go great on my variant shelf with Adora and Adam. This is just not my default version of the King.



You know, I am a HUGE (and ardent) supporter of Princess of Power. I love so many of the characters (especially Frosta, Mermista, and General Sunder) and I want them all in Classics. Netossa has been one that I have been looking forward to for a very long time. Thus, I am thrilled to finally get her and everything that is there with the figure is pitch perfect for me. I want the FILMation looks with toy details for the looks for PoP, so Classics is hitting it just right for me. However, my nitpick comes from the fact that she just feels like she is missing a couple of things in terms of accessories. She comes with a repaint of the She-Ra shield and Mattel is calling her net cape her second accessory, but I am not really down with that. A cape, even if it is functional, has never been called an accessory in the line before. She is so close to being perfect, but she really, REALLY needs her clip-on toy mask and perhaps a repainted Bubble Power She-Ra sword. Of all of the figures, she feels like the least “plussed-up” and she is one that could really benefit from some extra love. I loves me my PoP characters, I just want her to have a little more.



We are now in the zone of there nothing being short or “wrong” with these figures, it is just that the competition is so stiff for the top spots now. I don’t make a secret of it: I am NOT a fan of the 200x aesthetic. I never have been. At the same time, though, I am 100% supportive of bringing new characters from the MYP show into Classics. I really dig the Chief Carnivus and the Faceless One (NOT Count Marzo, though) figures, and Dekker is probably tied for my most-wanted MYP figures along with Callix. I think this figure is great and I love the tunic and the fact that he comes with his alternate young head. We need our King Miro now more than ever! I cannot really think of anything to nitpick with this figure and I cannot wait to get him.



I have talked in the past about how I love the Horde and that it represents utter oppression and despair in the MOTU world. I think the characters have amazing designs (even Dragstor!) and the Four Horsemen brought Mosquitor’s look into Classics in a fantastic way. I think I could personally live without the little legs on his back, but the “blood” in the chest is very, very well done. Like I said, there is nothing wrong with this figure, he just did not grab me as much as some of the characters ahead of him. As it stands though, I cannot wait to add him to the Fright Zone display come December.



Yes! Can you believe we are getting Strobo in MOTUC? That alone is awesome in itself. We have not seen the bio for him yet, but I am most likely going to be adding him to my Enforcer display. This 2013 traveling convention figure is proof of where this line can go if we continue to support it. We were told that he will get a reflective sticker for his mirror chest and I am not sure what the green asteroid thing in the stand (help me out) is, but it looks great. Plus, we get the alternate, un-helmeted head for Zodak–something fans have been demanding for a very long time. I am not sure which of the conventions I am going to make it to so I can pick him up, but I need this guy in my display for sure.


Great Unrest Weapons Pak

This set is a revelation. THIS is how weapons packs need to be done in this line. Just starting with the repaints, we are finally getting the vintage version of Teela’s snake armor in red and the shield in blue for Evil-Lyn. However, the really exciting parts is that we are getting the cut staff from Horde Prime; the shield, whip, and sword for Draego-Man; we get the dual blade Keldor swords; a falcon to go with our up-coming Temple of Darkness Sorceress; and the Man-at-Arms cannon. To me, this set is worth every penny and if they continue on being this great (the next one can certainly include Netossa’s mask), I will pick up each and every one of them. I never would have thought I would be this excited about an accessory pack, but they knocked this one out of the park.



It took three releases to happen, but we have gotten our MOTUC giant right. Procrustus has my heart with every aspect. He has four arms, all of which have biceps swivels, and his color scheme is great. He comes with the Starseed and he is one of those characters that, like Strobo, shows that character potential of this line. He is going to be at the center of the Subternia map that comes with King He-Man in 2013, but he will help hold my MOTU display together from here on out. The rock texture, people! The texture!



Okay, so Rattlor might have the most striking paint applications in the line yet, and that is saying something in a world of Technicolor freaks. This figure is gorgeous and he caught everyone’s eye that looked at him in the case. Plus, he has everything you need for your Classics Rattlor: a neck extension to replicate his vintage action feature, gorgeous paints, his staff, his tail freakin’ rattles(!), and he even got a FILMation nod in his bio. That is some very cool stuff for this loyal Snakeman (he would never defect in my canon) and had we just not gotten the Snakemen two-pack, he would have probably ranked higher for me. I know, that is silly, but since he is using that new snake body right away, it kind of took the edge off. That is a good nit to be able to pick, though.


Sherrilyn The Shield Maiden

How do I love these figures? Let me count the ways! Okay, I will spare you a list within a list, but man, do I support this pack with every fiber of my being. Again, getting the Monogram model vehicle drivers incorporated into the Classics line is just so cool. Plus, they have given homage to the Four Horsemen’s support crew in their naming. I wish I could pick which one I like the most, but I just can’t, I love them all. Plus, you can make them loyal to any faction you want with their interchangeable Horde symbols. Oh, and I love that they made one of them a female. I think mine will actually fight for good, but there is a lot of time between now and April for me to work that all out in my head. Let it be known now: we NEED the Wind Raider Pilot from the old Grayskull poster to go with this crew. I cannot wait for them.


Castle Grayskullman

Funny name, serious Masters figure. Well, the Mattel team sure knows how to end the 30th Anniversary line with a bang. I know that most people are very torn on the figures released thus far (save for the near-unanimous support for Draego-Man), but I think this figure is a heck of a contest winner. Of course, it is cool to get a fan character in the line, but when it looks this cool, that is such a bonus. I am very happy for the winner, but I think we all win because this is a great addition to our shelves. He is so Metal. He needs to hang out with Iron Maiden’s Eddie and be on every Metal album cover ever. Maybe even the Sword. I think I will just call mine “Grayskull Man” and I might need two.


Ram Man

How the heck can the man, the legend, Ram Man be number four on this list? The amazing competition. This figure is such a long time coming and the fact that they made him a $30.00 item so that he can be done correctly is just awesome. He is a behemoth and just as tall as he is wide, but only as tall as a standard MOTUC figure, just as he should be. His fist is as big as He-Man’s head and his face has a ton of personality to it. I know that has been a division point amongst fans, but he has a Chester Gould, Dick-Tracy-Rogue quality and I really like it. They did not leave out any articulation as he has an abdominal crunch and knees along with his requisite axe. I am not sure I need the alternate head to go with him, and while it is nice, I can’t help but wish that budget item would have gone to Netossa. Rammy is really the last of a lot of people’s essential Heroic Warriors (I NEED my Clamp Champ and Rio Blast for sure still) and I think he will be universally welcomed come January.



Holy CRAP did this figure come through. I know there was concern right from the start as to what we would actually get for an $80.00 figure, but I think the Horsemen knocked him out of the park. He is the “Big Red” FILMation version, but he has a ton of detail to make him Classic. As far as I am concerned, he has all the articulation I could have wanted and even though he can sit and brood, even his body was designed so that it could be reused for another dragon figure in the line. Granamyr is a fantastic figure to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of MOTU and I am just sad I have to now wait until December to get him. At least we will get another kick-ass box with art by Rudy Obrero!



Okay, as far as I am concerned, there is a straight-up tie for my first and second picks for this list. However, since I know Jitsu is Samuron’s top pick, I will give another character a chance to shine. Simply put, Jitsu is the perfect counterpart to his arch-rival, and Eternian badass, Fisto. Have you looked at that head sculpt? It is amazing and has a ton of personality. His golden pimp hand is perfectly sized and I like the little green jewels that were brought over from the Staction. Of course, he needs his vintage sword, but the two little kami don’t really do anything for me. Again, I wish this budget would have gone to Netossa. Jitsu only needs his chopper and his sword. I cannot believe it has taken so long to get him in the line,  but it is well worth the wait and if I were you, I would expect a lot celebrating across the Fwoosh Network in February.


Fang Man

A bit of surprise for you? Maybe so, but even though he is not one of my most-wanted FILMation characters, I think they nailed every aspect of him. We have been waiting for a Fang Man figure for 30 years and now that we are getting one, I could not be happier. PoP and FILMation are my most-wanted corners of MOTU now, so I hope he is just the tip of a beautiful iceberg. His colors pop in the midst of a colorful collection and I LOVE that he comes with the Sword of the Ancients and the Time Wheel. Fang Man has been stuck in the past for a long time and now that he is being brought to our shelves, the anticipation is killing me already. He has an articulated jaw! I need the MOTUC line to last for years to come so I can get all of my FILMation characters, and if they are all as good as Fang Man, we are in for a treat.

Not-Quite-Final Frosta

So, that is my list–what you do think? Agree? Disagree? Sound off! I also want to say that I love the final (or near final) versions of my beloved Frosta, as well as Mekaneck, and the Snakemen. I want every MOTU character ever in this line, so I hope that we can get the 2013 sub done in strong fashion and shake the doom and gloom that is overshadowing these fantastic reveals. Thanks for reading!

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20 thoughts on “SDCC 2012 – Ranking the Masters of the Universe Reveals

  1. VeeBee, it’s time for you guys to make the case for MOTUC in the same way you did with that DCUC photo pitch last year. I suspect you’re already on it, but just in case you’re not … DO IT! 😀

  2. An excellent way to wrap up SDCC 2012. The new figures revealed are cool but I’m so disappointed at how a lot of fans are jumping ship from this beautiful line. I’m a true die hard fan to the core and don’t had a problem with the new prices & I don’t want to see this line end at all. I hope that the Fighting Foe Men are not the last new concept/art figures design in Classics. Maybe they should’ve made Ram-Man the exclusive figure for 2013. Excellent review by the way……

  3. From old comics, meteor wich is coming with Strobo (if the 2013’s line will be confirmed.. let’s hope so and beyond!), contains “dark power” and so it works like sort of Kryptonite for He-man… :-O

    I would like to say just MOTUC rulez Mattel sucks, quite a bit at least.. and here is my personal chart about 2013’s reveals:

    16) Castle Greyskull-man: I can see why he won but i’m not a big fan of his wacky desing… I think in my canon he will just be some sort of Golem, not an hero with personality. He would become more powerfull and important than He-man, He-ro and King Greyskull!! :-O

    15) Fang-man: I don’t know him very well… i would have loved other charcaters from filmatin first, like Sea-Hawk, Madame Razz or Scorpia

    14) Cychop: at the beginning i’ve found him interesting.. now i see him like the melting pot he is. Randome use of Motu pieces.. I would have likes re-use of Roboto torso in Horde Prime, like originally planned by FH.. or so i’ve read about.

    13) FFM: nice figures but crazy colours and.. what? Weren’t FFM originally planned as the villains for “Vikor”? Why did Toyguru call this way pilots for old artworks? Bad choice right now. They are a nice touch but Many other characters would have deserved their spot right now…

    12) Strobo: I don’t care much about him. Nice to have another enforcer and i appreciate he is a special figure.

    11) Dekker: Who is him? Nice figure anyway.

    10) Rattlor: I don’t like his head.. Maybe i’ve found more interesting the 200x version

    09) Mosquitor: Nice figure.. but more than the same

    08) Netossa: I really hope they can do some improvement to her. Original toy had a very special design!

    07) Ram man: He’s Ramn man… well done. I hope his bulk is made to be reused in other fat characters… eventually

    06) Jitsu: He could be better, Staction figure was excellent

    05) Weapon pack: I now, another trick from MAttell.. but it’s better than just repaint!

    04) King He-man: Wonderfull figure.. I lov ehis head above all.. even if originally he was planned as King Adam, with another desing.. not abig fan of new minicomics plot and twists…

    03) Procrustus: He’s simply amazing… even better than Tytus and Megator

    02) EP King Randor: Yes anothe character just out from FIlmatin cartoon but.. men he’s him! He’s perfect! He’s bette rthan in the cartoon. I love him!

    01) Granamyr!!!!!!!!!! When i saw him i cna’t stop saying OMGOMGOMGOMG… This sculpt and figure is perfection! 🙂

  4. “He is so Metal.”

    Ha, I love this! You’re absolutely right. I might change my mind about getting him for this reason alone. Fits in very well with the 80s nostalgia. And I think you’re on to something with getting two. I could see getting multiples of and making them the zombie army of Grayskull. Maybe led by Scareglow?

    Warming up to the Foe Men–perhaps out of necessity–now that I’ve seen the Monogram boxes. (it’ll seal the deal if I can find out whether the female pilot’s visor will be translucent and not painted like Eradicator’s) I have a harder time getting into the concept/proto stuff, but I have an absolute hard-on for any and all of the artwork that came from MOTU in the 80s. It’s permanently fixed in my brain.

  5. Sorry raven, you were ranting about Strobo not being worth buying a sub for….and he isn’t in the sub…you made an error and now it seems to me that you are trying to back peddle.

    And I certainly didn’t say anything about you being a “bad fan” or a “negative nelly”. I did however tell you to take your meds and relax.

    It’s just as exhausting for those of us who have to weed through all the conspiracy theorists out there as it is for you to read about all the “hopeless optimists”…it certainly is easier on my nerves to not read into every statement by Mattel as a lie.

  6. ah yes, i need meds because i refuse to drink the matty kool-aid… right.

    you too collectively know squat about my attitudes on this line, aside from that one post that merely contended that there’s more than one way to interpret what we as the customer base are being offered. you don’t know i’ve been dropping the word on getting procrustus into the line pretty much since we got beast man and he-man… you don’t know i re-write bad bios in my spare time cuz i love the characters and the collective mythos more than the brand manager does. you don’t know that i’ve argued on behalf of the day-of buyers, because we’re paying more for the same toy… i.e., we’re actually more significant to the bottom line for mattel than the subbers are. i’m not a stranger here, though i don’t post often at the fwoosh… i hang elsewhere. but let’s not assume either of you know jack about yours truly. if everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so am i.

    pertaining to the sub, i wasn’t talking about strobo’s inclusion in it… i was talking about, in looking at the costs of the sub, do characters like strobo justify the price hike… and they don’t. i’m not telling anyone that they can’t love the character, but as a customer who values the work that earns my toy money, i’m completely correct in saying he’s not a 27 dollar figure. (BTW, had you paid as much attention to the post as you implied G6, you’d have noticed i didn’t refer to nor imply that strobo was in the sub… i actually specified that he’s not a 27 dollar toy, that’s day-of price) for every figure, the sub price jumps to 25 bucks, and the day-of folks are paying 27, for essentially the same toys we were paying 20 for the last few years. i acknowledge that prices are going up, but the case i’ve made elsewhere, and what i’m saying here, is that if you look at the figures for parts re-used, there’s a TON of reuse in what we’ve seen so far… as in, the major cost, the sculpting, R&D, tooling, etc are done already. if i’m being asked to shell out a lot more cash, i want to see 25% more new parts, and i’m not seeing it. strobo is printed money, he reps three new parts w/ no articulation and minimal paint aps. rattlor is repping two new parts and a lot of paint, jitsu is two new pieces and a couple weapons that lack paint entirely… these figs make the line cost out on more expensive characters like procrustus or fang man who represent more unique tooling & paint aps. that’s not naysaying the line, nor is it insulting the fans who enjoy it. that’s basic manufacturing and economics.

    to put this another way, when you go buy a bottle of soda, are you shelling out 25% more this year than last due to the cost of plastic? have you noticed that soda ships now in like 5 different sizes, and boxes and on plastic rings, and that packaging cost represents not only material, but R&D as well… if this is an industrial problem, why aren’t we seeing these costs jump in other plastics heavy products? comparatively, the auto industry has seen the average car price rise from just over 29,000 to just under 31,000 in the last two years, according to… and i suspect the focus represents more plastic, more steel, more labor, more paint, than a freaking man at arms.

    asking for a solid deal for a he-man doesn’t make me a bad fan, or a negative nelly… it makes me a pragmatist who values his bank balance.

  7. Some of you guys are pretty funny.

    Dayraven…what can I say, other than the fact that your Strobo “cash grab” comment both sucks and blows. Why? Because he isn’t even PART OF THE SUBSCRIPTION. Good Lord man, he is a travelling con exclusive that you can buy IF you go to one of the cons just like the Temple of Darkness Sorceress. No money out of your pocket, now get back on your meds and relax.

    David Logan and Simon-Brace yourself now…because it seems pretty obvious that The 4H are doing Filmation versions of these character. So, the “fans” flying around Netossa’s face are accurate to the cartoon. And as far as Entrapta goes…she most likely would be cartoon accurate if she even gets made at this point.

  8. Jitsu not #1?! travesty! 🙂

    I like King He-Man’s story, but I wanted more from his figure. for some reason his head somehow feels off – doesn’t look like he has He-Man’s broad jaw under that beard. I’d also want some battle wear on his armor to match the scar on his face (never noticed that before this article) and I wouldn’t mind if his armor and crown took some more cues from Randor.

  9. I for one and excited for every one of these figures. The reveals had me stoked and the more I thought about it, the more I loved them. Sure, some may seem like “kit bashes” but isn’t that what MOTU has always been about? The reuse of parts? And dayraven, for you to complain about the weapons pack, whenever we were shown Draegoman we were all informed that it was just a prototype. Prototypes are all subject to change. SMAA was given the Ring of Serpos because it goes with that character, its what made him who he was so it was necessary. With the cost of everything going up ofcourse weapons may be cut and thankfully Matty found a way to bring us the weapons we all wanted that they couldn’t afford to bring out.

    With the complaint that NA and POP seem to be in the minority, by not buying the sub now they are GURANTEEING that they will never get them. With King He-Man and the evolution of the story ofcourse its now going to be time for NA to replace the classics characters. POP will still be mixed in and so will the filmation characters. So far, everything seems to have had a natural flow.

    Everything seems to be as it should and I am happy for every reveal that they made.

  10. Nice list Veebee.These were all pretty good reveals (CY Chop is my least favorite). Ram man (1),FFM (2) , Dekker (3), King He man (4), CGM (5), Granamyr (6),Netossa (7), Jitsu (8), Rattlor (9), Procrustus (10), weapons pack (11), Fang man (12), Mosquitor(13), Strobo (14), Filmation King Randor (15), and Cy Chop (16). I do hope this line continues. I want the surprises to continue. There are just too many characters left to be produced for this line to end.

  11. i agree with netossa. for me that figure is a dissapointment- anyway i think all this filmation versions totaly annoying. the whole thing startet as a remake of the classic toys and not filmation into action figures. the cartoon characters are in my opinion all pretty poor in details and accessoiries and look more or less the same-especially with she-ra characters. about netossa: her pretty cape turns here into a flyscreen shaped plastic. her great mask is missing also no silver and metallic color details. im worried my favourite pop figure entrapta will be filmation made as well which means no metallic golden body at all 🙁

  12. Awesome list Veebs! I would have probably placed King He-man a little higher and Fang Man a little lower, but I’m pretty much there with you on this one.

  13. Dekkars young head or Jistu’s scythe thingies that he can’t even hold…I’d have traded either one for Netossa’s mask. Why does she have white fans flying around her head?

  14. I forgot Rattlor, dam I dug him as a kid and dig his classics look. Only gripe is could be wider but that is thanks to the 200x series.

  15. With the characters I know I am excited but the ones I don’t I am curious about. I have to find the sets and watch to remember a few. Ramman, CGM, Mosquitor, EP Randor, Jitsu, spiked my interest. I hope to see the finished Frosta. The big Proc looks cool I admit but don’t recall him at all. The weapons pack does feel like a ransomed set of shoulda got stuff. I dunno how I’d rate my views but, hope these get done with how the sub sales are going.

  16. Scud, I kind of surprised myself with that one as well. You are right – I DO love FILMation characters and I am glad we did get this variant, I have just always liked the armored up version of Randor. Like I said though, I have a great spot with Adam and Adora all picked out for this one. 🙂

    Dayraven, whatever you say, dude. I don’t have anything to comment on as far as your attitude is concerned about this line/hobby. I love it and I don’t give two shits about toy politics. Don’t think for one second that that makes me ignorant or forgiving because I am not, I just choose to enjoy it rather than rant and rave everywhere I go. I don’t have the time or the energy for that. But you are certainly entitled to your opinion and spending your time as you feel fit.

  17. I really thought you would have ranked Eternos Palace Randor higher with how much you love Filmation. That said I think Castle Grayskullman is the biggest surprise to me, he just excites me and I love how pumped the winner is about it.

  18. i think you’re a hopeless optimist veebee. that weapons pak is an insult. half the pack is weapons no one wants (remember there’s a vocal contingent of fans who openly disliked chief carnivus even getting a figure), and the other half is weapons we were promised w/ other figures and are now forced to buy separately to complete the figures we were teased with. that’s not “the best weapons pak ever” it’s a conspiracy fodder piece that proves that we will pay extra to get things that should have been included in the package in the first place. there’s NO reason, for example, that costing out a head and the serpent ring for SMAA meant we couldn’t afford the gun. this gun has no moving parts, no separate missile, no jack, just a sculpt and a paint job.

    and i don’t feel bad in saying, strobo sucks. strobo blowbos. strobo sucksbo majorbo ballsbo. i don’t care how vintage he is, he’s a kitbash, he’s literally like printing money, and anyoen doing the calculations in their heads of whether of not the sub is worth it, when accounting for all the new and glorious parts we’re getting, has to stick this sucker into the “con” category because he’s faker (from a budget standpoint). he is why these figs are NOT worth 27 bucks a piece, economy be damned. the tooling was all already done, the expensive part out of the way. he’s a cash grab. he’s less new investment than rattlor, who, for the most part, is a kitbash also.

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