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Most Wanted – Masters of the Universe Classics SDCC 2012

Oh, baby, do you feel that? The first full day of Comic-Con is exactly one week away, and anticipation is starting to run high around the forums. What will be in store for all of our favorite lines? What will Marvel Legends, DC Club Infinite Earths, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and all the rest bring to the table? Just about everyone is starting to speculate, and with every discussion of every line, lots of character names are coming up with their chances ranging from “not in a million years” to “sure bet.” Well, over the next couple of days we will take a look at some of these lines and discuss some of the top character wants by Fwooshers themselves. First up is Masters of the Universe Classics, one of the hottest lines going at the moment. Who is in the running for a debut? Who do the fans demand? Well, a quick inspection of the Masters of the Universe forum has turned up three names that have risen to the top of the pack. Do you think you know who they are? Well, make your guess and then come on in to find out.

Now, this is not a wish list by me personally or by the staff. If it was, you would see a lot more General Sunder, FILMation, and Jitsu on here. It is also not a super-official count of who has some kind of voting numbers. These are just the three characters we have noticed that have separated themselves from the rest of the pack in terms of recent discussion on the boards. Whose time has come? How many years have we been waiting for these guys? Are they way past due? Hmm… Well, I am all about this line going as far into the future as possible, so we have to spread the heavier-hitters around. Please remember: this is not a wish list nor are these predictions. These are the top three that the fans are demanding. I think we stand a pretty good chance to see at least one of these guys, maybe two. If all three were debuted, well, that would be crazy. Do you agree with these names? Disagree? Please sound off in the comments section below or in the forum. Anyhow, here goes:

3. Horde Troopers

Horde Troopers

We have had two pretty amazing army-builder packs released thus far in the line in the Palace Guards and Snakemen, but the Horde Troopers are the granddaddies of all MOTU army-builders. The only soldier figure to be released in the vintage line, these guys have been demanded since day one. I suppose it is just assumption on the fans’ part about the figure being released in a two-pack (or maybe even a three-pack) since the original figure was single carded, but if you are working with the original MOTU army-builder, you might as well get a multi-pack. Since the Guards and Snakes got the royal treatment in terms of accessories and armor and swappable heads, the possibilities are pretty awesome for this set. Might we see battle damage parts? Toy and FILMation weapons? General Sunder pieces (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)? The Horsemen could run wild. We do know that 2013 subscription sales need a super shot in the arm to ensure we continue on and on for MOTU, and in terms of a large pack as bait, there is not one better than the Horde Troopers.

2. Glimmer


Classics is pulling from all eras and incarnations of MOTU, and Princess of Power is probably the most crucial piece of MOTU history after the vintage line itself. So far in 2012 we have seen the Great Rebellion’s numbers swell with the Star Sisters and hotly-anticipated Ice Queen Frosta, but the GREAT Rebellion doesn’t quite have the numbers to live up to the name just yet. It seems like even some of the most stalwart PoP deniers are starting to come around to support this mostly feminine faction, and with so many vintage MOTU figures now in the can, the time for PoP and NA is upon us. Here’s the thing, though: Glimmer is so far overdue at this point, it is getting to the point where eyebrows are starting to raise. I mean, She-Ra, Bow, and Glimmer are to PoP as He-Man, Man-at-Arms, and Teela are to MotU — they are the “big three.” Glimmer is crucial. She lead the Rebellion in its formative days, she is the princess of the last free kingdom of Etheria, and it is time for her to come to MOTUC. The fans are demanding it.

1. Ram Man

Ram Man

Was there any doubt here? Rammy has been the carrot at the end of the stick of this line pretty much since it hit its stride. He is a fan favorite, he is an A-list Master, and now that Mekaneck has been revealed for October of this year, he is the last big holdout of the Heroic Warriors. I know he has been held over our heads as a 100% uniquely tooled (and thus, really expensive) figure, and that may be true, but now that FILMation is game, he becomes more of an investment figure too. Guys like General Tataran, King Ahgo, Grox, Tuskador, and a possible few others can utilize pieces of the Ram Man base body. I have to be honest, and this might be slightly crazy, but of all three of these characters, I think Ram Man stands the best chance for a reveal next Friday. He is PRIME sub-bait and even the most discriminating of cherry pickers cannot resist the Rammy.

So what do you think? Is this pretty spot-on or way off? I want give honorable mentions to Two Bad, Hydron, Jitsu (poor Ron), Castaspella, Mantenna, Rattlor, Clamp Champ, Lizard Man, and Sea Hawk — they have all been hot topics as well, and I can see some of them showing up next week, too. Like I said, please sound off and we will be back in a couple of weeks to follow up this article with what will then be reality. Thanks for reading and get set — we will be bringing you Con coverage as usual all next week!

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14 thoughts on “Most Wanted – Masters of the Universe Classics SDCC 2012

  1. Matty should have a real good think on finishing the original he man and shera classic set. With rumours that we might not be seeing our set complete due to lack of subscribers I think now’s the time for all subscribers to tell them what we’s my 12 that would complete my set and I’d be happy paying the whole year subscription due to release of figures that we seen once and then forgot about.
    Storm troopers(2 pack)
    Glimmer/with small figured kowl
    Two bad
    Vulture man
    Clamp champ
    Madam razz and broom

  2. I would love to see:

    Double Trouble

    Personally, I always liked the female characters the best, being a girl myself, and would love to see more female action figures.

  3. Hope they make some of the old original characters.
    Storm trooper
    Two bad
    Madam razz and broom
    Sea hawk
    Come on Matty let us finish our collection with the old and original characters that we love not new ones which none of us want.

  4. Octavia, the rest of the Snakemen, Two Bad, and Modulok are all above Rammy IMO. But I always did like the villains more than the heroes.

  5. Love your comments about Glimmer the fact she has not been done is a travesty. There’s clearly no real intention to do the Great Rebellion girls unfortunately.

    Can’t really argue with your top 3 but I would say Mantenna, Two-Bad and Scorpia are massive wants for the majority of people also. Scorpia in particular is by far the most wanted Filmation character now Shadow Weaver has been done.

  6. I’d say that’s pretty fair, most of the discussion is def. about those 3, I’d say on top of those I see a lot about Tuvar and Badrah, Scorpia, Sea Hawk, and Clamp Champ…my personal hopes are for Goat man, Plundor, Lord Dactys, Prahvus, Evil Seed, one of the movie fig, Squeeeeze, Dekker, Madam Razz and Broom, plus all of the aforementioned biggies like Ram Man, Gimmer and Horde Troopers (plus Sundar)

  7. I’m feel like we’ll be seeing Scorpia next week as well. Other than that I think your list is spot on. If even a handful of these figures are revealed then 2013 will be another very strong year for MOTUC!

  8. In no particular order . . .
    Clamp Champ
    Mosquitor (score)
    Horde Trooper (2 or 3 pack) [3 preferred]

  9. hopefully at least since ram man as toy guru has stated requires a all new tool plus would be hard to do since he would not be allowed to ram. at least glimer finaly gets made. or maybe glimmer and two bad finaly ram man do not see him happening for after all once he happens mattel sees most buyers as stopping buying since they figure the motu is complete now

  10. Man i can’t until next week. I hope all thee above will be there but knowing FH we’ll see some other figures instead.

  11. Adam, I noticed the same thing on mine. I hope and prey for Clamp Champ….I’m black and need my representation haha….Plus we know that Mosqitor is a definat.

  12. I like your list; it’s about where I’m at, too. I’m on the fence about whether I’d want Glimmer or Scorpia more, but I very much want a Horde Troopers two-pack.

    I have buyer’s remorse over my 2012 subscription, having now paid for multiple figures I fundamentally don’t want. I can’t imagine myself picking one up for 2013: there aren’t 12 more MotU characters I want to see in plastic. I’d love some accessories to help us get more value out of previous releases, like Catra armor for Panthor or additional Man-E-Faces heads.

    By the way, did anyone else notice additional names on recent boxes? One of the figures I recently received had Clamp Champ and Sweet Bee name-checked on the white mailer box; Stinkor had Lt. Spector listed.

  13. I would personally lose my s**t with a Batros reveal, but keeping on par with the subject, I think Jitsu is a shoe-in, & my guess is he slotted for November.

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