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The Science-Fiction Edition – NECA Alien

 I’ve written before about my love of sci-fi and fantasy art from the ’70s. It was a magical time, as were the movies of the time. Alien still lists as my favorite horror film in a sci-fi setting, and as the premiere of Prometheus approaches, I can think of no better time than now to showcase NECA’s Alien figure!

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The original alien design was a brilliant achievement, capturing the concepts of H. R. Giger and bringing them to life in the form of a man in a rubber suit perfectly. NECA successfully reproduced this with their Alien figure. The sculpt is beautiful, and the bio-mechanics of Giger’s drawings are successfully translated to this miniature piece of plastic. When I look at the figure I get the same chill of horror in my spine as I do when I watch the movie.

The figure stands about 8-9 inches tall and features loads of articulation:  hinged ankels, knees, and elbows; swivel wrists, knees, biceps, ball shoulders, neck and ab-joint; hinged jaw; retractable tongue; rubber wire tail; and cut hips. Overall, this is a fantastic figure and the articulation is just about everything one should expect in a toy, but the cut v hips kill me. For the most part, I can live with the hips since the figure will be posed vanilla, but this hip type really kills the fun factor for me as it limits the poses that could be achieved with the figure.

The color/paint is a great match. Truth be told, I can’t tell where the molded color starts and the paint begins.

The real fun factor for the toy is not the articulation, sculpt, or paint, but in capturing the likeness of the movie alien. I took the figure out of the box immediately wanting a Ripley or Dallas figure to pose with it, and maybe even some Colonial Marines. My kids picked up the figure and started making “raarr” noises and attacking Transformers on the table. That, to me, is a win.




6 thoughts on “The Science-Fiction Edition – NECA Alien

  1. Alien (1979) was a truly terrifying science fiction horror that swept most hollywood departments off of their feet and into the future.
    Ridley Scott did a beautiful Job directing this gruesome classic, and the lack of Action figures is a huge slap in the face.

    This Alien figure is great, but he lacks only one thing, a victim to attack.
    Either Ripley or Dallas would be the most suitable choice, but no one can be sure if that is going to happen

    On one hand i would like to say, HEY this movies great, go see it
    but on the other hand, OH my god, this movie is disgusting, pass (i’ve never seen the movie so i wouldn’t know)

    But in the end, at least we got a Cool Alien out of it all.

  2. im also looking for this figure on ebay and amazon because here are several Neca versions out there. im guessing this is the ‘cult classics presnts’ alien. tis review could use a pictue of the packaging. great review though!

  3. NECA Alien. There’s only 1… Unless you count the 2 pack one with Predator, which technically is the same figure.

    There’s also the NECA Aliens from the sequel and a couple from AvP.

  4. Which version is this? They have made so many it’s hard to keep them straight…

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