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Ask Matty – 4/2/12

Okay, you can rest easy. April 1st fell on a weekend this year so any “fool’s day”-related hijinx were reserved for the “Mighty Spector and the Time Agents” gag. You Ask Matty answers are straight up though, so check ’em out:

Do you have some pictures of the updated Frosta deco from the Four Horsemen yet? We are excited to see the improvements made!

Not yet, but we hope to soon!

Since Larfleeze recently got the boot from the first wave of DC All-Stars, can we count on him showing up in a later assortment? That was the figure a lot fans wanted the most!

Potentially. We tooled up most of the figures, so we’ll look to release them at some point in one form or another if possible.

Will there be a 6-inch DC exclusive item for SDCC this year?

All of our SDCC items will be revealed in April.

Toy Guru – I wanted to say that I have been a dedicated subscriber to the motu line since the beginning, I love the toys that have been released so far very much. However, I am seriously considering not subscribing next year due to all of the problems with Digital River. I really want all of the figures, but I am starting to be scared for my credit card security as well as just guaranteeing my items. Is there any chance that Mattel might partner with a new company for 2013? I am very sad to be thinking about this, but I just cannot trust DR anymore. Thank you from a dedicated motu fan.

Right now we are partnered with DR but we do have major new CS initiatives launching in the next few months to make the buying experience better.

Matty, we still have not heard anything new about when and how that Super Powers inspired Penguin that was shown at the New York con will be released. Will you please let us know now? It has been several months since we were promised some news it and I want that figure!

For now, you’ll need to wait. Sorry. We have a spot for him in our 2013 line due to some shuffling around of characters.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 4/2/12

  1. “but we do have major new CS initiatives launching in the next few months to make the buying experience better.”

    They’ve been saying that for years!!!! Just get rid of Digital River already, they’re incompetent.

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