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Totally NOT Toys – Pac-Man Shot Glasses

Okay, so in a little dose of something that really could not be further further from a toy, I bring you Pac-Man shot glasses from Backstage Pass. So, I pre-ordered these from Big Bad Toy Store a while ago and they arrived today, and I LOVE them. Love them. I am sucker for just about anything Pac-Man (one of my favorite SDCC gets was a free Pac-Man lanyard I got from the Namco booth a couple years ago), but I think these are a lot of fun. You can get this set of four, featuring Pac-Man, Blinky, Clyde and a Power Pellet Ghost for $14.99 right now on BBTS. If you like Pac-Man or you just like to drink (or BOTH!) head on over and pick these up, they are a lot of fun.

Pac-Man Shot Glasses!

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2 thoughts on “Totally NOT Toys – Pac-Man Shot Glasses

  1. Shot glasses – ever notice how the use of shot glasses is almost inversely proportional to age?

    I know that I used a shot glass WAY more often at age 18 than at age 36…

    These are definitely cute though.

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