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MOTUC Review – Star Sisters


The 2012 Masters of the Universe Classics subscription kicked off with some confusion, delayed figures and the Star Sisters. This three pack was originally scheduled to hit in January, but was pushed back to February to help subscriber’s budgets.  Since the other two January figures were delayed, Mattel decided to move these ladies back to January.  Oddly enough, my set actually arrived before my delayed December 2011 figures.  This set has garnered quite a bit of controversy  and I’ve seen a lot of chatter online that they do not fit in with the rest of the MOTUC line.  Well, now that I have them in hand, I have a definite opinion on that.  Click through for more pics of the first MOTUC three pack!

Star Sisters™ Bios

Starla™, Bright and Beautiful Leader™
Real Name: Gemma,

Jewelstar™, Hidden Beauty™
Real Name: Devena

Tallstar™, Lovely Lookout™
Real Name: Cassandra

In ancient times, an evil sorceress became jealous of the Star Sisters’ youth and beauty and trapped them in a shooting star. It was sent hurling through the cosmos until the three women crash-landed on Etheria. There, they remained magically confined in the side of a mountain until the day Swiftwind’s hooves accidently loosened the stone that concealed their prison. She-Ra® quickly used her powers to melt away the star that held them captive. In gratitude, the sisters pledged their everlasting friendship. Jewelstar™ magically conjures gem armor to protect herself and others. Tallstar™ uses her magic to stretch to unbelievable lengths. Starla™, with her pet Glorybird, can sense danger and project spells of light against her foes. Together, they stand side-by-side with She-Ra® in the battle for freedom.



The bio is pretty short and sweet.  I would have liked a little more info about the sister’s personalities since these characters have no real media representation other than a few brief seconds in a She-Ra episode, but I’m glad to have some description of what their powers are supposed to be and how they came to be members of the Rebellion. All three of the sisters seem to be pretty happy looking, so I guess their long imprisonment wasn’t too psychologically scarring…or was it?  Perhaps their smiles are some sort of demented forced cheerfulness.

Glorybird sans headdress


The Star Sisters come with a repaint of the Screech/Zoar hawk sculpt (Glorybird), a new stand for Glorybird, leg/arm/neck extension pieces for Tallstar and three different color variations of the same Star topped staff.  Glorybird also has a removable plumed headdress.  The new stand is pretty ornate and reminds a lot of the feel of the old Crystal Castle playset parts.  The staffs are clear plastic embedded with glitter.  They are pretty girly, and take me right back to the toys my sister had as a kid in the 80’s, but look really nice with some light pouring through them.  I think I would have liked to see a more offensive melee weapon for each one of the girls.  Jewelstar does look very nice wielding Bubble Power She-Ra’s sword, but some sort of clear Crystar-like sword would have been neat for her.

Tallstar – Lovely Lookout

The extensions for Tallstar pop off and on easily but stay secure.  They are stack-able, so you can make one arm a little longer if you want instead of two evenly long arms.  I stacked the arm and neck extension pieces in the above pic to make a super long neck.  Even though the pieces don’t quite match up, it’s still fun to fool with for a bit.  I’d have liked a couple more of each piece for maximum extension or maybe longer pieces.  If they include more with say a weapons pack or something, I’d buy them.  The original prototype also stretched at the middle and the costume looks tailor made for that ability, so I think an extension piece at the waist would have really sold these stretching powers better.



When we first saw the Star Sister prototypes at SDCC, I thought they were the most beautiful female head sculpts from the 4H yet and the final figures remain that impressive for the most part.  Starla’s head came out a little pinched in final production and while it’s still pretty nice, it’s not quite as nice as it was at SDCC.  Tallstar and Jewelstar both came out really pretty, though.  They really capture the look of the female faces in the Filmation cartoon perfectly which works great for me as I’m a big fan of Filmation females.  I also really like the hair sculpts as they all have a nice dynamic flowing look to them.  I also love the sculpt on Jewelstar’s torso as it has a sharper angular shape to help with the jewel feel.

This seems like as good enough time to discuss the crotch piece on Tallstar and Jewelstar.  There’s a pretty detailed rundown of the issues on so I won’t go into it too far.  Basically, the hip joints ride a little too low.  It’s very noticeable on Tallstar as there is a gap between her leotard and where her hip begins.

Tallstar and Jewelstar’s underwear pieces are also not glued down to the underside of the the crotch piece which allows for a better range of movement, but doesn’t look as good as it would if they were glued down.  It makes the underwear look a little baggy.  I think I would have preferred them to come glued down.



The Star Sisters have standard MOTUC articulation except for the standard missing ab crunch seen on all MOTUC females and the missing hip swivel due to the use of the Battle Ground Teela hips.  I really dislike that hip design and while I can see why you would use it on the characters wearing bathing suit type costumes, I don’t see why Starla couldn’t have had the regular hips.

Starla and Jewelstar are also missing their calf swivel articulation.  The nice thing is that the heads on Starla and Jewlstar have a good range of motion due to their hair designs (Tallstar’s is restricted somewhat by her hair), which is nice to see in this line where the females have had bobble heads in the past.  Another great thing is they have the ankle swivels seen in Teela which really adds to their stability in posing.

Jewel Power!


The paint is nice and clean on these figures for the most part.  There is one ding on my Jewelstar’s chest, but it’s pretty minor.  I do like the pearlescent paint used here and there on all the figures.  I especially like the pearlescent blue on Tallstar’s costume and Glorybird’s stand.  It adds a bit of depth and interest to some bland sections of costume.  Jewelstar and Starla both have some subtle drybrushing to bring out the detail in their fantastic hair sculpts.

Stretchy Punch

In general, I’m a fan of the She-Ra characters being included in MOTUC.  In that respect I am predisposed to like the inclusion of these three gals and was pleased to see them at SDCC.  I did have a small nagging concern in the back of my head that these gals would look a little too outlandish to fit in with the rest of my MOTUC figures on display, so I did pull out a bunch of heroic warriors to pose them with.  I have to say they don’t look at all out of place to me next to the Heroic Warriors.  Actually looking at all the good guys together I was struck by how brightly colored they were.  I guess I hadn’t really thought of that before.

Stretchy Kick!

The Star Sisters are on the bright side of a continuum of colors for this line, but it’s a slight variation as to be pleasing to my eye rather than jarring.  I also absolutely love posing them opposite the monstrous Horde figures.  There is a bit of contrast there.

Sweep the leg, Tally!

I think that contrast is one of the things I find appealing about the She-Ra universe.

I do like these figures quite a bit.  The beautiful faces and bright colors overcome my annoyance at the re-use of the BG Teela hips and Tallstar’s hip issues.  It’s also really nice to bolster the ranks of your Great Rebellion by three in one go.

Joining the Rebellion

They look like they fit in with this group just fine to me.

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18 thoughts on “MOTUC Review – Star Sisters

  1. nice review of mattels first three pack since the star sisters were one of those who never saw the light of day due to the original pop getting canceled espically love tall star and jewelstars paint jobs

  2. Man, please: Who is the faboulus photograph behind these awesome MOTUC’s review? HOw could i contact him?!

  3. Hey Matthew, this is (once again) done really well. I’m hoping when you do Battle Ground Evil-lyn (please do her too) it will be like Catra’s review – that, I’ve felt was one of the BEST ones in the world (yes, I’ll say it again). That was the BEST pictoral review in the WORLD!!

  4. Thanks Matthew. With Skeletor being the sole exception, Leech is my favorite He-Man character. I’ve read and watched every review of him I could find. Yours is the last – and most anticipated – Leech review I’m waiting on.

    I look forward to all your reviews (as does everyone else). Please keep up your stunning work.

  5. Funny, you seemed to use and give them the exact same type of powers I did when I was opening them and thinking about how they would work. The other thing that kind of made me laugh is you have them standing and holding their staffs pretty much the same way I do in the shot of them standing over the defeated horde members.

    As always love your sets and lighting. These girls look amazing in that dark lighting.

    Also you need to tell us what those horned beasts are.

  6. Thanks, guys. Dale- Leech is on the back burner and I will get to him, but the set I was planning just completely fell apart and did not work as planned. I’ve got to come up with some new ideas, but I’m going to try and keep up with the current figures as well.

    Roy – the beasts are from the ‘Predators’ line by NECA. Series 3, I believe. They are about half the height and 3/4 the length of battle cat.

  7. Very nice review, and super stunning pics Matthew!
    Thanks for the last group pic especially. The girls fit perfectly into the MotU world!

  8. Great review!! Question though, what line are those horned beasts from in the 2nd picture? Also, how big are they relative to battle cat? thanks in advance.

  9. Wonderful review as always Matthew K. The shot of Starla walking out to meet Grizzlor is a cool precursor just before she lets him have it with her light blasts.

    The pic of all the heroes together with the Star Sister is visual proof to me that this line can handle any kind character.

    For the longest time I thought He-Ro stood out from the other characters and didn’t quite fit in, but once Marzo, Gygor, and Carnivus came out there were enough characters of various designs and colors that He-Ro stopped looking out of place to me.

    That was why I wasn’t worried about the Star Sisters too much. I knew they’d fit in just fine.

    Now how about that Leech review, huh? 🙂

  10. Matt, the pics of Tallstar peeking over the ridge and Jewelstar defeating Leech a so perfect for the characters. Best MOTUC reviews on the net. Thank you.

  11. Just gorgeous! They look great, as do your sets & pics. The class of 2011 wasn’t too shabby either. ; )

  12. Beautiful shots, Matthew! Love how you show that these gals can exist in the same world as the other figures! That full shot of Starla is one of the best!

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