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CC30: Masters of the Universe Evolution of Heroes by Grundy

In-line with celebrating 30 years of Masters of the Universe, Matty has commissioned Smashtoys Customs to create Four (4) additional figures for the Masters of The Universe Classics line.

We start with a character whose rights have been in “limbo” up until now. I think no one expected that this early we would be getting:

Marshall Bravestarr!

The Hero of New Texas will initially be available as an exclusive here in TheFwoosh WinterCon. Remaining stock will then be available on on January 2012.

Marshall Bravestarr will come with his Hat, Neutra-Laser and a Piece of Kerium Ore.

Next is Battle Ground Vikor:

Resurrected by the Power of the Three Towers, Vikor has geared up to fight again as a champion of the Sorceress of Grayskull! To know more, keep reading the bios!

Vikor will be a non-subscription figure. He will be available exclusively at April 2012

The Third Figure is Mini-Comic He-man:

Based on Alfredo Alcala’s art in the Vintage Mini-Comics, Mini-Comics He-man will be a re-use of He-man’s parts and accessories plus a newly tooled head.

He will also be coming with a reproduction Mini-comic. This He-man variant will be available exclusively at July 2012

Last is New Adventures He-man:

This will be He-man’s new look once he starts battling the Horde Empire in space!

Comes with his Power sword, Removable Helmet, Removable Harness and a Map of Primus.

He will be available exclusively at October 2012

With a strong Subscription line-up, 30th Anniversary figures, plus these four; looks like 2012 will be an expensive year for MOTUC fans.


8 thoughts on “CC30: Masters of the Universe Evolution of Heroes by Grundy

  1. Damn good looking customs I only wish there were real and made by FH. I’ll buy 3 of the 4 if there at Matty prices $20 each–nothing more than that!

  2. If only this were true; I’d buy all four figures in a heartbeat (well, when available, of course)! If it IS true, then I’m gonna be one happy camper!

  3. I hope no one really believes that ‘Matty’ commissioned these… lol. Nice figures, but totally just customs made for fun 😉

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