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CC30: GI Joe Arctic Commandos by

Based on the unreleased 1995 GI Joe Arctic Commandos Assault Team set, has created a limited number of sets that will be available only as a Custom Con 30, Winter 2011 exclusive. You can pre-order your sets online at on December 1 or pick up a set at the show December 12-14th at the booth #30. Each action figure is highly articulated and comes with all accessories shown here. GI Joe will bring the battle to Cobra even in a winter wonderland. Yo Joe!

GI Joe:

Iceberg by pluv

Arctic Assault Trooper


If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. That is exactly what Iceberg did after growing up in Brownsville, Texas. He jumped right into the freezer by joining the Army and putting every cold weather base on his dream sheet.


Iceberg uses the severe cold weather conditions most soldiers find so frustrating to his advantage. He teaches Special Forces troops to dress in layers. If he’s driving the Sea Lion he wears a wet suit underneath just in case. In -40 below, lubricants in standard issue weapons gum up and firing pins shatter. For this reason Iceberg uses a milled steel AK with teflon coated internals loaded with 7.62 ammo. On the treacherous terrain where his next step could be his last, he moves quickly and lightly.

Head: Bbi

Body and vest: POC Desert Snake Eyes

AK and pistol: Marauder Inc.

Pick tool: POC Arctic Destro

Crampons: TRU ROC Doc

Mask: Corps head hollowed out

Lt. Falcon by daremo

Green Beret

lt falcon 1lt falcon 2lt falcon 3lt falcon 4lt falcon 5


Lt. Falcon leads the Arctic Commandos on a special mission in the arctic circle. He needs to find and infiltrate the Cobra Arctic Surveillance Port. After he has gathered all of the intel, he must plant the C-4 and radio for extraction. He must be careful, Cobra has sent their specially trained Arctic Troopers to defend the isolated outpost.

Head: ROC Lt. Stone

Torso: 25th Firefly

Arms: POC Snow Job

Legs: POC Snow Job

Jacket: POC Snow Job

Shotgun: 25th Falcon

Backpack: 25th Falcon

C-4: ROC Firefly

Snowcom by Tim 121RVC

Arctic Communications


Head: Night Viper modified

Body: FRAG Viper

Backpack: Mainframe

Rifle: Spy Troops Duke

Steeler by drbindy

Arctic Tank Commander


Head: BBi

Torso: Tomax, modded

Legs: Storm Shadow and Snow Job combined

Upper Arms: Matt Trakker

Lower Arms: Star Wars

Helmet: Captain America with ARAH Steeler visor

Harness: Snake Eyes; Holster scratch built

Strap for Uzi: by TR1ER

GI Joe Vehicle:

Sea Lion by pluv

Amphibious Vehicle Prototype


Right before Iceberg was assigned to the Arctic Commandos he had been working with Back Stop on re-purposing a mothballed Triple T collecting dust in the Joe Canuck motorpool into a one man amphibious vehicle. Now that Lt Falcon and Steeler have laid out the mission for the Arctic Commandos, Iceberg will be giving the newly designated Sea Lion a trial by fire.

“The snakes won’t know what hit them.”

* Pictured is an early prototype. Final color and accessories may differ.

Main vehicle: TTT with styrene engine cover

Engine modified with Maisto Ferrari engine with styrene exhaust

Propellers are lego and styrene.

Hull: Dreadnoks Swampfire and styrene

Weapons: Accessory pack Scrap Iron missile launcher, Wolverine missiles, Hammerhead side-sub torpedoes, and 2 x Roadblock M2

Steering controls: styrene tubes

Sled Trailer: Chap Mei with assorted gear

Oktober Guard:

Major Ursa by Mysterious Stranger



Head: Bazooka

Torso, arms and skirt: Arctic Snake Eyes with fur collar from Snow Serpent Officer

Legs: Flint

Rifle: Marauder Inc.


Cobra Arctic Trooper by daremo

Arctic Assault



Head: Cobra Para-Diver

Torso: POC Arctic Destro

Legs: 25th Snow Serpent

Jacket: POC Arctic Destro

PMM Sub Machinegun: ROC Reactive Armor Duke

Helmet: Resolute Cobra Trooper

Goggles: Cobra Para-Diver

Cobra ICE Officer by Raptor

Infantry Cold Environment Officer


Cobra ICE Officers are dedicated arctic troops that have given their lives over to DR. MINDBENDER (TM) to become a frozen monstrosity with the ability to dominate the icy battlefield. Cobra ICE Officers have had all fluids and organs replaced with Bioactive Frostzone (TM) fluid which allows them to operate at freezing temperatures that would kill even the smallest of Bacteria. When they lead Cobra ICE Troopers out to the battlefield, they leave GI JOE FROSTBITE (TM) in the cold.

“They are cold men, both in temperature and temperament. They radiate a chill around them from their frozen skin, but you can feel it even watching them through a video monitor. If you ask me, they were already frozen even before they changed!”

Body: Blizzard

Head: Tunnel Rat Hot Glue

Dollar Store Ninja Armor

Cobra ICE Trooper by Raptor

Infantry Cold Environment


Cobra ICE Troopers were once normal SNOW SERPENTS (TM), who had the misfortune or bad judgement to be turned over to DR. MINDBENDER (TM) in his quest to create the ultimate arctic trooper. Replacing their fluids and organs with Bioactive Frostzone (TM) fluid and wearing a special suit that keeps the Frostzone (TM) fluid from becoming stiff as the ice around them, Cobra ICE Troopers are colder than even the most frigid of arctic climes around them.

“A Cobra ICE Trooper can theoretically exist at -128 degrees Fahrenheit indefinitely without permanent injury. A mere touch from one on unprotected human skin can cause severe frostbite, and even the loss of a limb. Though they may never leave the frozen north again, the Cobra ICE Trooper is a powerful force anywhere that the mercury stays below zero!”

Body: Blizzard

Head: Big Ben, Hot Glue

Dollar Store Ninja Armor

Snow Wolf Commander by Mysterious Stranger


Polar Sentry Officer

Entire figure: Snow Serpent Officer

Cobra Playset:

Cobra A.S.P. (Arctic Surveillance Port) by daremo

Polar Battle Station


Cobra Arctic Surveillance Ports are the first line of defense against G.I. Joe in the arctic circle. They are maintained by Cobra Arctic Troopers. Equipped with the latest Mars Industries technology, they are able to see threats and handle them accordingly. Lt. Falcon and the Arctic Commandos must find out what the A.S.P.s are guarding. Gather the intel, blow up the A.S.P. and get to the extraction point.

The Cobra A.S.P. Playset comes with Lt. Falcon and 2 Cobra Arctic Troopers. All other figures sold separately. Special features include collapsing ice bridge, land mine, defense cannon, and exploding Surveillance Port

Star Wars Imperial Attack Base Playset, ROC Surveillance Port, Styrene, Green Stuff

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