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Fwoosh Marvel Select Top Ten

Greetings Fwooshers! I had the privilege of tallying up the vote and writing this article for the first annual Fwoosh Marvel Select Top Ten. We had a decent turnout and I learned some interesting things. Firstly I learned – Fwooshers could not agree on…Certain characters such as Beast had enough votes to probably crack both top 10 lists, but in the interest of making the poll results as interesting as possible, I took some liberties in counting them up. Secondly I learned. Fwoosh has a costume fetish – I will elaborate on this later on!

The first top ten is your “regular” scale top ten – guys who are in the 7 inch scale, and not exactly bulky.

#1 Classic Ultron – 26 Votes – 315 issues


Ultron quickly rose to the #1 spot on this list… He almost cracked the top ten twice even! His modern counterpart from Annihilation came in at #21 and those wanting a bulky Ultron got him in at #28 on the “big” top 10. It’s apparent that a classic ultron is what most of thefwoosh wants and I daresay it would be a homerun for marvel select. He’s the penultimate avengers villain and the most iconic foe they have.

#2 Beast (Perez) – 18 Votes – 3122 Issues


Beast is the first of many who surprised me when I tallied the results. I guess I figured most people were tired of X-men releases and boy oh boy was I wrong. Many voted for the classic Perez beast and different versions of beast (Cat, Jim Lee, FA) accounted for an additional 5 votes). The great thing about beast is he fits with both the Avengers and the X-men

Nightcrawler [FA / classic] – 13 Votes – 2171 Issues


I never expected to see Nightcrawler in the Top 10, his inclusion makes me wonder “are people collecting select now as it’s own line and not just a “fill in” for Legends”? Nightcrawler would go great with the X-men already released by Marvel Select

#4 Iceman – 12 Votes 3255 Issues


At this point have you noticed a trend? Three X-men have took up 3 of the top 4 of the top 10. Iceman is a tricky figure to make due to his appearance, but it’s becoming rather evident the X-men are a popular choice for the Select line.

#5 Storm [FA / classic] – 11 Votes – 2976 Issues


5 Characters – and a 4th member of the X-men. This often teased yet never released figure in legends took the #5 slot, some have went as far as to say it’s the “most needed legend” so I’m not surprised people are voting for select to make it. I think storm would be a beautiful figure done by a company who has a knack for making great female figures.

#6 Sandman – 8 Votes 566 Issues


Finally our second villain and non X Character. Sandman was another one fwooshers quite couldn’t decide if he’s a large or normal character, but since he doesn’t quite have the bulk of the hulk or Juggernaut – he went in the normal size. No one seemed to care if it was a modern or classic Sandman (or even in his 90’s armor) but it seems the Sandman has some demand.

#7 Gladiator – 8 Votes 298 Issues


Gladiator is the first character to crack the top 10 to not be made in 6 or 7 inch format. He’s also one of the first few guys who could work with either line. He would make a great fit for a cosmic or X related display , both of which the select line has multiple offerings of. Plus who doesn’t want to have Juggernaut square off with Gladiator?

#8 Hela – 8 Votes – 250 issues


The first character to really surprise me on the poll was Hela – the Goddess of Death. some Fwooshers wanted her modern and some said classic (I’ll concede I couldn’t find a massive difference between costumes) .I have to say I’m stunned she beat out the likes of Enchantress, or Fandral and Hogun. – She would go great with our multiple MS thors.

#9 Cable – 8 Votes


6 X-related characters in the top 10 .The 90’s fan favorite is an awesome candidate for Marvel select. His guns and many looks could provide for some fun variants and is one guy who has always just looked cool.

#10 Enchantress – 8 Votes – 419 Issues


I have to say I thought the Enchantress would do better than this, but I’m glad she made it! She’s another person who would go good with Thor and perhaps the Movie Loki.. She’s the third character who has never been released in a 6 or 7 inch scale. Select makes some pretty looking females – so I have to say I’d love to see her in Select form.

The breakdown for the larger scale characters goes:

#1 Odin – 706 Issues – 28 Votes


It shouldn’t be a surprise one of the most constant challengers for “most wanted” build a figures won here with a clear and decisive victory. It seems everyone wants Odin for their collection. He would be a big bulky guy who would go great with Marvel Select Thor or your legends.

#2 Nimrod [classic] – 99 Issues -22 Votes


Nimrod got a late start in voting and at the last moment possible, took over the number two spot. This classic X-villain would make a cool addition for anyone’s collection , especially with the focus on X-men recently.

#3 Rhino – 423 Issues – 21 votes


Rhino is a guy who has one of the most beautiful figures of him released already – the marvel legends fearsome foes is one of the most beautiful sculpts I’ve ever seen – but after watching MS nail the juggernaut making him one of my favorite figures – I have to admit I’d be excited to see Rhino done in select form.

#4 Dormammu (modern) -232 Issues – 20 votes


If I was placing bets on guys to win it all, I would of went with Dormammu. Sadly I would of lost by quite a margin, but a top 5 victory is still pretty impressive. He’s got lots of exposure being in the recent Marvel Vs Capcom games and has one of the coolest most toy friendly looks out there – Dormammu would be an awesome foe for any size collection.

#5 Sauron – 193 Issues – 17 votes


Sporting a massive wingspan and 193 appearances in our beloved X-Books – Sauron comfortably takes the five spot. Sauron is a great character – and would be a fantastic addition along with Select Magneto and Juggernaut. He’s a unique looking guy who would have to appeal to kids and collectors of all age.

#6 Apocalypse – 461 Issues – 15 Votes


Here’s a guy who people couldn’t seem to agree on his style – combine them and he makes the top 10 – separate his modern and classic looks and you have a three way tie for the 10 spot. Apocalypse is a fan favorite of the 90’s and perfect for a bigger figure as his scale changes.

#7 Destroyer – 100 issues -15 Votes


Although I love the rotocast figure, I have to say I’m surprised a guy like Destroyer beat out Drax and Blastaar. He’s a perfect candidate for a large scale release and seems to be part of the other recurring theme of this vote – Asgardians and Mutants are the most desired groups to fill.

#8 Strong Guy (90’s) – 420 issues – 14 votes


One of my personal favorite 90’s characters due to his freakish size, Strong Guy would be interesting to see in figure form – especially if he was portrayed with his classic top heavy look. He’s a figure that I think would have to have to be more proportionate in order to avoid shelf diving – but would be a cool heavy hitter for any collection.

#9 Ulik – 118 Issues – 13 Votes


It’s refreshing to see a fearsome and classic villain rounding up the end of the top 10. Ulik is a guy who has that different look – has some pretty classic fights and foes and would be a great villain for any toy collection. Who wouldn’t want a big tall monster looking bad guy?

#10 Titanium Man Classic M1 – 117 Issues – 13 Votes


Here’s a guy who silently crept into the top ten .He was a late bloomer in the poll, but got enough votes to steal the top 10 spot from Angel and Blastaar. He’s a classic villain and one of marvels most important heroes arch-enemies – so he should be a shoe in for select.

The following characters were one vote away from making the top 10. Hercules, Silver Surfer [classic], Mystique, Super Skrull [Annihilation] ,Scarlet Witch [classic]

As for the raw data…
Classic Ultron 25
Beast 18
Nightcrawler [FA / classic] 13
iceman 12
Storm [FA / classic] 11
Sandman 8
Gladiator 8
Hela 8
Cable 8
Hercules 7
Silver Surfer [classic] 7
Mystique 7
Super Skrull [Annihilation] 7
Scarlet Witch [classic] 7
The Enchantress 7
Rogue (90’s) 7
Griffin 6
Namor [classic, green trunks] 6
Vision [classic] 5
Venom (Eddie) 5
Ultron [Annihilation] 5
Fandral the Dashing 5
Hogun the Grim 5
Red She Hulk 4
Titania 4
Drax [Annihilation] 4
Medusa 4
Jim Lee Jean Grey 4
Ms Marvel 4
Dr Strange (classic) 4
Task Master 4
Jim Lee Cyclops 4
Phoenix (Classic) 4
wonderman 4
Ares 4
Wrecker 4
Jack of Hearts 4
Nova (Modern) 4
Carnage 3
Dazzler (80’s) 3
Sentry 3
Mr Sinister 3
Crimson Dynamo (Modern) 3
Star Lord 3
Professor X (Hoverchair) 3
Lady Sif 3
Balder 3
Iron Man (Classic) 3
Dormammu [classic] 3
Modern Luke Cage 3
psylocke 3
Cat Beast 3
Psycho-Man 3
Hellcat 3
Barbarus 2
Darkhawk (Classic) 2
Avalanche 2
Loki (classic) 2
Classic Zemo (helmet) 2
Living Mummy 2
Crystal 2
Mary Jane (gwen variant) 2
Quicksilver 2
Banshee 2
grey gargoyle 2
toad 2
bastion 2
Mandarin 2
Selene the Black Queen 2
nightmare 2
Silver Samurai 2
Bishop 2
Warlock 2
lizard 2
Yellow Jacket 2
Black Panther [classic] 2
Polaris 2
Iron Fist (Modern) 2
Stryfe 2
Thunderstrike 2
swarm 2
Thunderball 2
bulldozer 2
Nighthawk 2
American Son 1
Absorbing Man 1
Anaconda 1
Baron Blood 1
Beta Ray Bill 1
Blade (modern) 1
Blade (movie) 1
Flash Thompson Venom 1
Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor 1
Iron Patriot 1
Jocasta 1
Kang 1
Machine Man 1
Mikaboshi the Chaos King 1
Moloids three pack 1
Penance 1
Radioactive Man 1
scorpion (amazing spiderman 654) 1
Speedball 1
Stiltman 1
Stingray 1
Thor [Armored] 1
Tiger Shark 1
toxin 1
pyro 1
Red Skull [Nazi uniform] 1
X Factor Jean 1
Nova (Prime) 1
Damian Hellstrom 1
Morgan Le Fey 1
umar 1
Zombie 1
Lilith {Lilin’s leader} 1
Lilith {Dracula’s daughter} 1
Headlock 1
Amazing Spider-Man [2012 movie] 1
Odin (Movie) 1
Jim Lee Beast 1
warbird 1
Lyra 1
Colossus [Ultimate] 1
Namor (Modern) 1
Nick Fury 1
The Hood 1
Valkyrie 1
Franklin & Val Richards 1
Rocket Raccoon and Cosmo 1
Artie & Leech 1
Thunderbird 1
lyja 1
mach 5 1
Piledriver 1
Razorback 1
Ronan (Anhilation) 1
Spiral 1
MoonDragon (Annihilation) 1
Legion 1
Lilandra 1
Shatterstar 1
Forge 1
Hawkeye 1
First Appearance Cyclops (Yellow & Black) 1
First Appearance Beast (Yellow & Black) 1
Iceman (Snowman) 1
First Appearance Jean Grey (Yellow & Black) 1
Spiderman 1
Multiple Man 1
Professor X Wheelchair 1
Thor (Masterson) 1
Rogue (green jacket) 1
Thundra 1
Mandroid 1
Dr. Faustus 1
Jubilee (Jim Lee) 1
Fantomex 1
Deadpool 1
Korath The Pursuer 1
Stardust 1
Kaine 1
Alistair Smythe 1
Vault Guardsman 1
cannonball 1
sebastian shaw 1
nate grey 1
magneto 1
chamber 1
magus 1
sleepwalker 1
firelord 1
tombstone 1
grim reaper 1
bloodaxe 1
Colossus (AXM) 1
Wolverine (AXM) 1
Cyclops (AXM) 1
Kitty Pryde (AXM) 1
Classic Nova 1
Classic Ronan the Accuser 1

Odin 28
Nimrod [classic] 22
Rhino 21
Dormammu (modern) 20
Sauron 17
Apocalypse 15
Destroyer 15
Strong Guy (90’s) 14
Ulik 13
Titanium Man Classic M1 13
Angel 12
Blaastar (classic) 12
Attuma 10
Archangel 10
Dragon Man 10
Mr Hyde 9
Skurge the Executioner 9
Classic Drax 8
Shuma Gorath 8
Lockjaw 7
Sasquatch 7
Armin Zola 6
Volstagg the Voluminous 6
Armadillo 6
High Evolutionary 6
Cho’d 4
Onslaught (First Appearance) 4
Ultron 4
Iron Monger 4
Stegron 3
Kurse 3
Songbird (classic) 3
Man Thing 3
Terrax (classic) 3
Grizzly 3
Falcon 3
Ironclad 3
Zzaxx 3
Orca 3
Classic Crimson Dynamo 3
Bi-Beast 2
Darkhawk (Modern) 2
Dire Wraith 2
Whirlwind 2
korg 2
Mr Fantastic (Stretchy) 2
Rockslide 2
Sym 2
Heimdall 2
Zeus 2
Holocaust 2
Blob 2
Wendigo 2
Mojo 2
Blackheart 2
Gray Hulk [McFarlane] 2
Absorbing Man 2
Nightmare, with black horse [classic] 2
fat cobra 2
Red King 2
Super Skrull (classic) 2
Morg 2
Abomination [movie] 1
Ajax 1
Frankenstein’s Monster 1
Galactus 1
Gargoyle 1
Gorgon 1
Groot 1
Holocaust 1
Incredible Hulk [movie] 1
Karkas 1
Mimic 1
Rick Jones Abomination 1
The Thing [classic] 1
Ultimate Hulk (Redo) 1
Ursa Major 1
Yith 1
Skaar 1
Modok 1
Big Bertha 1
Man-Ape 1
Sentinel 1
n’astrih 1
Frost Giant 1
Ghost Riders Motorcycle 1
Hulk (Smaller) 1
Annihilus (Annihilation) 1
ord 1
Caliban 1
Merged Hulk 1
Goliath 1
Living Monolith 1
Titan (Imperial Guard) 1
Eternity 1
Black Goliath 1
Watcher 1
Cameron Hodge 1
box 1
armor 1
thanos [Annihilation] 1
tyrant 1
Shadow King 1
surtur 1
Zarathos 1
Planet Hulk 1
Hulkbuster Iron Man 1