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SDCC 2011 is nearly upon us!

Everyone knows, or should know, that San Diego Comic Con is this week. If you didn’t know that….well….you may be looking at the wrong website. Anyway, The Fwoosh staff will be making an appearance, as they have been known to do. Line standing, panel seeing, toy looking, back step sitting, bar hopping, Ralphs visiting, and walk walk walking, it’s a magical time of year. And in the thick of it will be VeeBee, sending news and pics back to all of us who anxiously await any news snippets we can sink our teeth into, or shake our fists at. I’ll be posting everything I get straight into here and in the forums, but if you wanna follow the play by play action you can follow Veebs on Twitter! @fwooshveebee

I’ll also be holding down the fort in Fwoosh chat, spilling news as I receive it, so stop on by and join in. Maybe we’ll be talking about toys, maybe I’ll be whining about missing SDCC, maybe I’ll be throwing up pics, or we can just yell at each other in text form. Should be a blast.