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Prepare to Meet Your DOOM!

Finally, after 18 waves of DC Universe Classics, the Legion of Doom has arrived. In its entirety. We can all thank Toy Man for dragging his feet. Well, it is great to finally have the whole group, this is a big team completion if you think about it. Sure we *might* get more accurate Captain Cold, Scarecrow, Grodd and Bizarro figures, but we have all the characters now.

Go forth, bring evil! Remember: Evil will always triumph over good, because good is DUMB!

8 thoughts on “Prepare to Meet Your DOOM!

  1. *Facepalm.* Not another evil-supporting article! Whoever coined the phrase, “Evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb,” is a delusional and dumb liar. That’s not how it works in real life.

    You think it’s fun to be evil? If so, think again. Suppose someone does evil to you and/or anyone you care about.

    If you think that evil’s great, how about become evil to you by torturing you to death and killing you? Maybe then, you’ll see the error of your thinking.

    But don’t think that I’m a goody-goody. I’m not. Instead, I’m an anti-hero. And anti-heroes are good guys who act like bad guys.

  2. Uhm, question: Whatis that chain thing that hangs around Bizzaro’s neck? I got a MOC Bizzaro figure and I don’t recall seeing that. :-\

  3. Yes! YES!!

    The Legion Of DOOM will soon be complete! I just need The Toyman and my forces of evildoers will be at hand ready to take over the world!


  4. Looks awesome having them all together. I love when villains team up.

    Grundy is way too big though…

  5. I read somewhere the Joker wasn’t in the LOD because he was appearing in the New Adv of Batman & Robin cartoon series that was airing at the same time.

  6. Very cool. A truly awesome assemblage of action figure evil doers. That pic brings back many happy memories from my misspent childhood.

    Hmm, you know, looking at that group shot makes me wonder why the Joker wasn’t in the Legion of Doom.

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