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First Look – Green Lantern Movie Masters Kilowog

Did you think we were done? C’mon now, we still have some fanfare to bring you in our latest offering of sneak peaks at the toys soon to be hitting the shelves. We decided we were going to go with a theme this week. We have been talking about it for awhile now and excitement is hitting the boiling point. Yep, the Green Lantern movie is finally hitting screens this Friday! Do you have your ticket yet? 3-D IMAX for those Ryan Reynolds abs? It is worth the price of admission just to hear Geoffrey Rush voice Tomar-Re! In honor of the movie premier, we will be keeping things green here this week so get ready for some new Movie Masters figures from Mattel. We are starting off big. And I mean BIG. The giant Lantern with skin of pink, suit of green and a heart of gold. Yep, it is an honor to be called “poozer” by Kilowog, and we have his First Look up now!

You know, I thought the Green Man Movie Masters figure was big. I was wrong. The very first thing you are going to notice is that this Kilowog figure is MASSIVE. Rightfully so too, if you have seen the trailers for the movie, you know Kilowog is really big. His voice is big too, the producers went out and scored Michael Clark Duncan for his voice, which is totally fitting. I am afraid I might be waiting for Kilowog to ask about Ch’P though in that Green Mile “Mister Jingles” voice. But I digress…

Yes, Drill Sergeant!


With all comic book movies, there have been some liberties taken with the look of the characters and costumes, but it already looks like they have created a lush world and really turned up the “alien” look of the of the, well, alien Lanterns. Kilowog is no exception to this and while he looks a little more orange than pink and is more bulldog-like than ever, you know right away this is Drill Sergeant on Oa. The ‘Wog has always been one of my favorite Lanterns so I hope he turns out great in the movie. But even if he is not, I have a pretty cool action figure likeness.

This ring can support even his weight!


The figure really captures the look of Kilowog, especially in the head sculpt. As I said, it is not as large and Kilowogs signature jowls are gone, but in terms of the movie likeness, I think he is the best representation in the Movie Masters line thus far. His eyes are smaller have have pupils too but the movie design does retain a little bit of the skin flaps that hang over his mouth. The figure has a lot of texture to it and, like the rest of the Corps, his suit looks more organic than a costume. I know this is a new concept for me in GL. Yes, I know the ring put the costume on, but I always thought of it as a uniform, not as a living entity. I am willing to give it a shot though.

Green is big on Oa
Kilowog tried out for Judd Nelson's part in the Breakfast Club. The producers committed the cardinal sin of their closing credits song though. They totally forgot about him.


As stated before, the figure is massive. In fact, I was actually surprise at how big it is. I have not had a chance to see a good size comparison from movie scenes, but he is not so big that he is not believable. I know I would be peeing green in fear if I made him mad though. Not the character, the actual figure. I am pretty sure he is big enough that I could easily chuck him through some drywall. He does not have the most complex paint applications in the world by nature of his costume design, but all of the lines are clean, the logo is crisp and the wash and detail on the face looks natural.

Enough articulation to do the fancy splits...
But strong enough to balance on one foot.


For articulation he has partial ball shoulders, hinge elbows, twist wrists, cut waist, DCUC-style hip hinges, partial ball knees and hinge ankles. He also has a very posable neck that allows him to move his head up and down and side to side, it actually allows for the best movement in GL MM line so far. You can pose him as normal, in action and flying and his head follows right along. The MM figures do have a lot of articulation but it is not standardized like in DCUC or MOTUC. I think they are doing a little bit of function following form to keep true to the movie designs, but I think the success varies. Kilowog moves in a lot of places but I miss the biceps swivel and rocker ankles, the latter may have been omitted due to the massive size of the figure, they may not have been able to support him.

Movie Masters Size Comparison
Get 'em Kilowog! I will be right here.


I am really excited for the GL movie, and I hope the hit a home run. The Movie Masters line has offered some very colorful Lanterns so far and we still have a lot to go. As it stands, Kilowog takes the top of the mountain from Green Man for me, he is my favorite thus far. If I remember correctly, and please correct me if I am wrong, this figure will first be available at SDCC 2011 and then on Matty Collector. If you are collecting the GL Movie Masters line, or if you are a GL or Kilowog fan in general, you will want to pick him up. Carefully. He is heavy!

The 'Wogs!

The Movie Masters Green Lantern Corps


*Thanks once again to the Green Gang at Mattel for making this First Look possible, we always appreciate it. Stay tuned for more GL as we move into the release of the movie this Friday.

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7 thoughts on “First Look – Green Lantern Movie Masters Kilowog

  1. Got one last weekend at Comic Con…awesome figure! Starting on the whole set now though Green Man I’m not crazy about (it’s a frog!) and the one that’s just a fish!

  2. I have to admit, after seeing the movie, I can say that Kilowog’s color scheme is a little different from other Lanterns’. He does have a much more utilitarian look with less flashy bits, so the paint scheme is more accurate than I thought. Still don’t know about the price, but wrong is wrong and I was dead-wrong on that 🙂

  3. @Wesitron: he’s MUCH cheaper than the C/C, and as the picture shows, bigger. If you don’t already have the DCUC version, this would make a nice alternative.

  4. Well he’s pretty and all, but at the very least won’t he be like 33 bucks to own? I get that a big figure is expensive to make and hard to take a risk with, but Kilowog is the most recognizable and beloved Green Lantern outside of the Earth Lanterns. 25 bucks at retail, I’d probably bite, even without the necessary articulation and the incorrect paint scheme. 33 bucks and braving Mattycollector is pushing it for me.

    Thanks for the review!

  5. Killowog is awesome! simply awesome. really exist little words more that to add to your review, almost I am sorry that due to his genius his value on the market was rising towards the clouds, but what te is an exceptional figure!

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