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First Look – Green Lantern Movie Masters Isamot Kol, Krona and Unmasked Hal Jordan

Well, we have arrived. Tomorrow, June 17th 2011 marks the day that the Green Lantern makes his big screen debut. I am sure that some of you will be there in just a few hours for the 12:01 am screenings. I am pumped at this point, the latest trailer and recent TV spots make this one look like a lot of fun. So what better way to celebrate the coming of the movie (aside from, you know – seeing it?) than to look at pictures of MORE Green Lantern toys? The hits keep on coming and even after the GL movie closes in theaters, we will still be seeing Movie Masters figures releases. The latest entries into the year-long Parallax party are Isamot Kol, Krona and Hal Jordan – without his mask. Oh, and Bzzd came along for the ride too!

Isamot Kol

Isamot Kol
West Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!
Isamot and Hal
Kreepin' Kol
Parallax Piece

Isamot here is my favorite of this entire group, just to get that out of the way. All of the alien Lanterns were made to look more “alien” for the movie and I think Isamot Kol is a great translation. In the comics he always looked more like a dinosaur, but this figure is more like an alligator in appearance, especially in the head sculpt. He has a lot of articulation, including hinge joints in his jaw and tail and his body is sculpted with a jagged texture so he feels more reptilian. His paint is crisp and clean for the most part and he has more applications than most of the other Lanterns I have seen so far. He comes with a torso piece of Parallax so that is a departure from the other C&C parts that we have gotten thus far. I *think* I can start to assemble them, but I am not 100% sure how all of the parts go together at this point so I am going to wait. Overall, Isamot Kol is the best of this group.


Krona Klose
What's the word? Kronabird! What's the price? 7 twice!

Krona Konference
Krona Kollect and... Connect

Technically the Guardian that I have been putting in these pictures is from the smaller 3 3/4 line, so Krona is the first of the little blue guys to make it into the collector line. Honestly, the others are done so well that they fit the aesthetic just fine. Really the only thing that is different about Krona is his really, REALLY long robe. Now, I have obviously not seen the movie yet so I am not sure why it is like this, but I am sure I will understand soon enough. As it stands right now though, it is a little strange for my tastes. That is not a knock to the figure, in fact, the robes have a lot of nice glitter and translucent parts, but he is really frikkin tall. He has 3 points of articulation – neck twist and partial ball shoulders and he can actually stand up fine on his own – something I was originally skeptical of. Krona comes with what I *think* is a Parallax leg. If you can say he has a leg.

Unmasked Hal Jordan and Bzzd

Hal Reynolds
Secret and not-so Secret
Hal and Accessories
Lantern Fist Bump

The last figure in the group is an unmasked and charged-ring version of the star of the show – Hal Jordan. Essentially this is the same figure as the masked figure, but with a new head and some new paint applications. I really like the paint on the ring fist, it is nice to have a difference there and it does look like he is “powering up”. The likeness in the head isn’t screaming Reynolds to me, but he looks heroic enough and has a more placid expression than the previous release. Hal has a traveling companion in this release in the form of the tiny wasp-like Lantern Bzzd. You know, he is actually really well done for being so small with a lot of detail and good paint for the size.

Bzzd is widdle

Now, this is a figure that you do not need to complete the Parallax C&C, instead he comes with a display stand and a replica GL Ring. The stand is the same that comes in the two packs, which are the same as the DCUC stands, only in green. The ring is REALLY cool though. It is big and heavy and has a ton a of detail to it. As far as I can tell it is very faithful to the GL rings from the movie. It is also constructed of metal pieces and unless you have big hands (sorry, Ron) the ring will most likely fit you. My wife posed for the fist picture and it is way too big for her. The color in the ring is really striking too and the center almost looks like and eye.

Ring Front
Ring Side
Ring Back
Ring Comparison
In Brightest Day...

So there you have it. Go see the movie tomorrow and then start to hunt these guys down. Isamot Kol is definitely my favorite of the group but Bzzd is a lot of fun and I LOVE the ring. I almost forgot to take it off before going to work this morning. Yeah, I am a nerd.

The Green Lantern Corps - Movie Masters Style

*Thanks so much to Toy Guru and his Corpsmen and women for sending this along for a peek. We are in the home stretch and have some more Young Justice items to look at soon!

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5 thoughts on “First Look – Green Lantern Movie Masters Isamot Kol, Krona and Unmasked Hal Jordan

  1. I’m surprised you still haven’t watched the film yet. It’s pretty good. The CGI for OA, Green Lanterns and the constructs are impressive.
    I’m surprised Mattel was smart enough to include a guardian in the Movie Masters but the size could have allowed for 2 Guardians being packed in.
    If only these weren’t that expensive, I would have picked up a few.

  2. Yeah, Matthew, I know they’re comic accurate, so I don’t really have a problem with them. I just think the movie ones look a 100 times cooler. Thing is, I really hadn’t considered that until I saw that final pic.

  3. The Movie Master Guardian- in the long stiff robe- doesn’t work for me. If he’d come with a ‘throne/seat’ and was molded similarly to fit it this would have made more sense, but as is…that overly long stiff robe makes for a very odd standing pose.

  4. I would have more of a problem with the DCUC lanterns if that wasn’t what they looked like in the comics. Isamot is probably my favorite from this bunch. I gotta say, I’m tempted to get Hal just for the B’zzd.

  5. Looking at the final pic, I gotta say, they look 100 times better that the 6″ comic line. These aliens actually look like, well, aliens! Not wierd heads on a human body. In all honesty, the comic line Lanterns look more like a buncha humans wearing weird masks trying to look scary, making them not scary. Now I’d be crapping myself if I saw the lineup above coming at me!

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