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First Look – Batman Arkham Asylum Two-Pack

Resident Fwoosh Bat-Boys, Prodigy and DisThunder have formed their own Dynamic Duo and here to bring you the scoop on the brand spankin’ new Arkham Asylum two-pack from the Batman Legacy line. Let’s get to it!

DisThunder: Since fall of 2009, I have been consumed with a need for an action figure. That need has now been fulfilled. The Wildstorm studios-designed rendering for Batman as he appears in Arkham Asylum has to be one the most well recieved designs for the Caped Crusader to date. Much like his character in the game itself, He seems to embody the core elements of many different versions of Batman (comic, animated series, live action movies) and take the best from all of them to create a quintessential version that seems at once very realistic, and yet still very true to the printed page.

The idea of this kind of Batman goes back further than the game, of course. I’ve grown fond of saying that “Arkham Batman” has become the perfect short-hand for that militaristic, practical but still comic book version of Batman that fall somewhere between film and paper. Alex Ross is probably the most known for it, but I can’t help but think fellow Wildstorm Alumni Lee Bermejo is the guy that had done it best before Carlos D’Anda and his crew nailed it in the game.

So, after already getting what I think was one of DC Direct’s best offerings of all time¬†bringing this to plastic, getting an updated, more articulated version has been a huge source of excitement for months now.

Prodigy: I know I’ve been looking forward to these for a loooooonnnggg time myself. I love the game like family and to get figures in DCUC(well close to it)scale was a dream come true.

Prodigy: The packaging is pretty nice. Alot like the HML 2 packs, they’re on a card but have a nice clear window display that shows them off.

There is also some really sweet game art on the sides of the package which is genius because now I want to play the game even more.

DisThunder: The packaging, the scaling of the two figures– this is starting to really feel like a sub-line. The Arkham branding seems be the main event for these guys, “Legacy Edition” being about the only mention of it’s umbrella label.

Prodigy: Exactly. While they are “Legacy” I get the feeling they could make a whole line of just Arkham figures and it would sell great if they’re done this well.

Prodigy: They fit pretty well together. Harvey is a tank though. No skinny guy in a suit here. He almost makes Batman look slim.

Prodigy:Batman is just awesome. No other way to say it. I love this figure. It’s easily my favorite Batman from Mattel to date. That said it does have a few flaws. The neck and head sit a bit too high up, and that makes him appear taller than he is. Kinda minor but if you’re a scale nazi, this may bug you on the shelf next to your other DCUC figs.

DisThunder: It’s a minor nit-pick, but no doubt he’s a bit larger than most DCUC stuff so far. It does look like it’s mostly in the neck and traps, so the more OCD of us might be able to change it. Otherwise, he fits right between standard DCUC figures and the DC Direct ones.

Prodigy: There is some really great detail on the face, gloves and boots too. It really is a great sculpt, and the texture of the suit is there too. Just a really really nice sculpting job. I wish I could give credit to the artist, but Mattel hasn’t told us who the guy responsible for these is. Whoever he is he needs to be making more figures for the line. ASAP.

DisThunder: I hate to say it, but this kinda in-house work can put the Horsemen to shame. Great proportions, great attention to detail, and as far as I can tell the most accurate rendition of this costume anywhere- It’s such a dramatic step up, it could almost be mistaken for being built by another company!

Prodigy: Harvey is another really nice sculpt. Again the details make him pop. While they could have done a better job with paint to bring out the scars and burns you can still see and actually feel them there. Just highly detailed all the way.

DisThunder: Agreed. The “wet” paint apps don’t quite work in practice like intended, but he’s still one gruesome version of Two-Face, even moreso than the Movie Masters one. The sculpt on his jacket, especially the damaged side, is fantastic looking too.

Prodigy: Harvey comes with his trademark coin, but has no hand to hold a gun with.

Two Face: Look at me I have a coin!

Batman: But you can’t do this!

Prodigy: This is where Harvey falls short. Only an up and down swivel joint for the arms. So no outward movement at all.

DisThunder: It’s not as bad as it’s been made out to be, but it is somewhat limiting. To be honest, I’m more bummed he doesn’t have a good gun-holding hand than I am he didn’t get ball-jointed shoulders.

Prodigy: Agreed. He needs a trigger hand. Two Face needs a gun!

Prodigy: Bats sports all the articulation we get in the standard DCUC figs. I would have loved double joints on him, but I’ll deal because the sculpt is so well done. Where he suffers is they could’ve spent a bit more time in making sure the articulation worked well enough with the sculpt. A little more of a groove in the armpit would allow him to put his arms completely at their sides, and a little higher line in the t crotch below the belt would allow for him to bring his leg all the way up. But those are nitpicks and they don’t change my opinion of him one bit.

DisThunder: Totally agree. And sure, double-knees would’ve put this thing over the moon, but everything else is accounted for. There’s even a top-swivel on his gauntlets, to make posing the arms a little easier. Like Prodigy said, the only thing holding him back is some minor engineering quirks- and if this really is the first outing for an in-house team, it’s something I’m willing to forgive. That said, I feel like most of the nit-picks I have could’ve been smoothed out with just a little more oversight before these guys went to tooling.

Prodigy: Overall I would give Batman an 8 out of 10. Only reason Bats isn’t a 10 is because of the slightly hindered articulation and the too high neck. As he is though he still may be candidate for figure of the year.

Harvey gets a 7 out of 10 simply because of the lack of articulation in the shoulders and the fact that he could’ve been painted better. Also I took into account that he needs to be able to hold a gun. While the dynamic posed hand is nice, I want a hand with a trigger finger that can hold a gun.

DisThunder: I’ve got the same numbers (surprise!)- a solid 8 for Batman, and a 7 for Harvey. It’s so easy to look past the little stuff when he’s in hand, and looks so freaking excellent, the aforementioned fixes and a paintwash would’ve had this thing pulling perfect scores. Harvey is certainly not bad, seeing as he’s a free figure with purchase of your $35 Arkham Batman, but the little stuff holds him back from the high scores I think he could’ve earned in his own right. Overall, this pack makes for an easy high value, and while accessories would’ve been nice, neither figure was designed with them in mind, so it’s not really a loss.

Prodigy: I think it’s safe to say if you’re a fan of the game, DC figures or Batman in general. These are must haves. Hell if you’re just a fan of good, fun toys these are also a must get.

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