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Ask Matty – 4/15/11

Well, we had a sale day today, the Clawful bio reveal and now it’s time for Ask Matty – that is a busy Friday!

1. One of the coolest parts of the media associated with the vintage MOTUC line was the vintage oil paintings by William George depicting the characters in action. Would a new poster be possible as a subscription incentive in the future that was modeled after the MOTUC action figures? I would LOVE to get some new posters in this style.

This is something we have looked into. Right now our resources are being used towards put out the best figures possible. Again we have looked at things like this and you never know what the future will bring!

2. When will you be unveiling the next wave of DCUC figures? Last year, series 15 was debuted in May, can we expect the same this year for series 19?

Likely at SDCC if not before hand.

3. When is DCUC 17 scheduled to hit store shelves? Seems like forever since 16 was released.

There are no release dates for retail product (unlike New retail product ships the faster current retail product sells through and stores re-order.

4. If the MOTUC vehicle for 2011 is successful in terms of sales, can we expect a stronger push for vehicles in the years to come? The vintage MOTUC line had tons of vehicles and it seems like we would need at least two per year to really fill out releases.

Hopefully, we really can’t say any more until we see how the first one does. But don’t expect more then one a year for 2011 and maybe 2012 if the 2011 vehicle does well.

5. Matty, a hypothetical question for you. IF you were able to attain the rights to produce figures of MOTU characters that originated in the FilMation shows, how do you think you would release them? There would be a TON of new characters added so would a quarterly FilMation release be something you might explore? That way, each month in a quarter would have an A-List variant, large item or FilMation character. Seems like a great way to get them out. This of course is not official, just if you had carte blanche with that roster.

If we did gets these rights we would most likely rush one or two to market as soon as possible and then sprinkle the rest in every year much as we do other “factions” like POP or Snake Men so that every year had some of everything.

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4 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 4/15/11

  1. Right on! I actually wanted to post on their forums about a year ago, but they wouldn’t accept my gmail account. They required an e-mail address that comes from an ISP or you can get one through the website which they charge you for! Absurd. I enjoy collecting this line, it’s a neat little thing to look forward to each month, but I’m not about to slit my wrists if someone’s shoulders get switched around.

  2. That’s necause the He-Man orgers represent, by and large, the absolute worst of what fandom has to offer. Yes, there are a few good, normal, rational people over there too, but for the most part they are drowned out by the childish and embarassing rantings of the closeminded and constantly bickering majority, who over-react and bicker about every little thing to the point where regular people are almost ashamed at calling themselves MotU fans lest they be thought of as one of ‘those people’. The crowd on Matty’s own forum isn’t much better either.

    What happened to having an opinion, for or against, good, bad or indifferent, stating your view in a level headed and sensible way, allowing others to state their opinions, whether they happen to agree or disagree with you, and then either having a good, even tempered and pleasant discussion on the matter, or else if all has been said that needs be said, just leaving it at that?

    But no, for these trouser monkeys everything is “the worst thing ever!!!1!”, everything is apparently “the death of the lein”, everything they don’t like is world endingly catastrophic, regardless of if anyone else doesn’t see things the same way, and nothing is ever good enough, or exactly what they wanted, so it’s “instant FAIL”. The bios, largely irrelevant bits of usually rather poorly concieved and badly written text have somehow managed to transcend reality and “single handedly destroyed everything that was good about MotU”, and every unwanted release is instantly a “HUGE RIPOFF!” despite no one ever being forced to buy anything they don’t want or didn’t agree to…

    To go all ubergeek for a moment, in reference to “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany”…posting there you must be cautious. Or stupid.

  3. and the He-Man orgers are overreacting at answers as usual. Bring out the popcorn folks!

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